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in internatinol ronaldo plays for Portugal but in the la liga cronaldo plays for real madrid

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Real Madrid of Spain

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In the world cup he plays for Portugal!

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Q: Christiano Ronaldo plays for which soccer team?
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Who is the captain of Portugal's national soccer team?

It is Christiano Ronaldo.

Which team is christiano ronaldo on?

Cristiano Ronaldo plays for Portugal national team and Real Madrid Club.

What team does christianio ronaldo play for?

christiano Ronaldo plays for Real Madrid at club level at Portugal at National level.

What team did Rafeal Nadal play for?

Christiano ronaldo plays for Portugal.

What team was christiano ronaldo team in?

man united

Top paid soccer player?

Christiano Ronaldo is the highest paid soccer player in Spanish La Liga. He is a member of Real Madrid, and has also gained fame playing for the Portuguese national team.

What team is christian Ronaldo on fifa 11?

In club football it is Real Madrid, and country is Portugal.

What team is ronaldihno?

If you mean Christiano Ronaldo, he plays for Real Madrid C.F. He also plays on the national team of Portugal F.C.

What is the team of ronaldo?

Ronaldo Fenomeno from Brazil played for Corinthians in Brazil but sadly he retired at 2011. If you meant Christiano Ronaldo from Portugal he currently plays for Real Madrid in Spain.

What is Christiano Ronaldo's 2010 team?

real Madrid

Who is the least important person on a football team?

Christiano Ronaldo

What football team did christiano ronaldo start at?

his first english team was Man Utd