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Chop blocking is never legal. While cut blocking is allowed, it is very dangerous.

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Q: Chop block when is it legal in football?
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Is Chop Blocking legal in Pop Waner Football?

A chop block is not legal in almost any league or level of refereed football.

What is a chop block in football?

When a player on offense is engaged with a defender (already blocking them) and then they drop and take out their legs

What is a chop block penalty in football?

When a player on offense is engaged with a defender (already blocking them) and then they drop and take out their legs

How many yards are penalized for a chop block in football?

In the NFL, the penalty is 15 yards. In college, the penalty is 10 yards.

Is chop blocking legal in Pop Warner football?

Youth football is about children learning hard lessons that they will need when they grow up to be men. ANY block at or below the knee is something that has a higher rate of causing a serious injury. If or when a child grows up and is making millions playing a child's game, then he knows the risk of his profession. A child does not play for money, only for fun. A coach that teaches that block is not thinking about the children. He is only rehashing his probable failure as a youth player or ego driven success. There is no reason to continue to allow that block on either side of the ball Chop blocking is not legal in any level of football. Cut blocking is inexplicably allowed at higher levels, however.

Why does Alabama football cheat?

because they suck Why do Auburn fans claim we cheat? No, Auburn cheats, chop block is like a life style for yall or somethin

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It means to leave where you are.

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Is it legal in American football for a defensive player to hit an offensive player in the back?

yes, it's call clipping or block in the back

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