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John is not a football player((:

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โˆ™ 2010-03-30 16:13:26
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Q: Choose the negation of this statement John is a football player?
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How do you become a pro football player?

You go to college and you choose to go to the draft and if ateam drafts you then you are an nfl football player

A simple sentence with lavished in it?

they lavished the high school football player with praise hoping he would choose to play for their collage football team

Oldest football player in history of football?

The Oldest football player in history of football is George Blanda.

What does a football player do?

A professional football player is paid to be a part of a team that plays the game of football. Any football player has the goal of getting the football through the goal.

Who makes more a football player or a doctor?

a football player

How much do a pro football player?

A pro football player.

What is a Converse in geomtry?

Well first you have to read the conditional statement and find out what the hypothesis is and what the conclusion is. Next you just switch the hypothesis and conclusion and put them in an if-then statement. Example: If someone is a football player, then they are an athlete. Hypothesis: someone is a football player Conclusion: they are an athlete Converse: If someone is an athlete, then they play football. *NOTE* You are allowed to change some of the words and just because the conditional statement is true doesn't mean that the converse will be true. *Hope this helps. Sorry its kinda longer then most answers.*

Who is stronger a football player or a gymnastics?

i think football player's because football is a tuff sport

Who is the youngest football player?

Amobi Okoye is the youngest football player

Who is the best Slovenian football player?

who is slovenija's best football player?

Who is the top football player?

the recent football player is Lionel Messi

Was darry a football player in The Outsiders?

He was a football player. In fact, he was the captain!

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