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willie thrower was the first back quarterback in football and he was a Chicago Bears

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Q: Chicago Bears first black quarterback
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Will the Jay Cutler trade be good or bad for the Chicago Bears?

I believe it will be a great trade for the Chicago Bears. He is a true franchise quarterback, the first the Bears have had since Sid Luckman.

What NFL team had the FIRST black quarterback?

On Oct. 18, 1953, Willie Thrower of the Chicago Bears became the African-American quarterback to appear in an NFL game in the post-World War II years.

Who was the first black quarterback for the Bears after McMahon left?

Vincent Tobias Evans

What was the first name for the Chicago Bears?

Decatur Staleys, then Chicago Staleys, and then Chicago Bears!

Who is the first black quaterback to play in the NFL?

Willie Thrower Chicago Bears 1953

Who was the first black quarterback for the Buccaneers?

Parnell Dickinson was not only the Buccaneers first quarterback, but their first black quarterback as well. He played during their inaugural 1976 year.

Did the cowboys have a black quarterback in 1960?

did the cowboys first game have a black quarterback in 1960

Who was the first black quarterback in the NFL 1953?

Willie Thrower. He never started a game, but played as a backup for the 1953 Chicago Bears. He complete 3 of 8 passes for 27 yards and 1 intereception.

Who came first - Chicago Bears or the Chicago Cubs?

The Chicago Cubs were founded first. The Chicago Cubs organization was started in 1870, while the Bears' organization was established in 1919.

Who was the first black quarterback in the SEC?

The first black starting quarterback in the SEC was Condredge Holloway of the University of Tennessee in 1972.

Why are the Chicago bears called the Chicago Bears?

when the team was first created they were called the Staleys, but the owner wanted to reflect the Chicago Cubs, so their name got changed to the Chicago Bears

Who was the first African-American quarterback?

First African-American quarterback in the NFL: Willie Thrower (Michigan State), Chicago Bears 1953 The first African American quarteraback was Willie Thrower. -----According to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Fritz Pollard of the Hammond Pros was the first African American to play the position of quarterback in a game in 1923.

Who was the first black quarterback at Huffman High School in Birmingham?

Tim Caffey was the first Black quarterback at Huffman High in Birmingham

Who was the first black quarterback for Alabama?

Walter Lewis was the first black starting quarterback in Alabama history. He was also the last quarterback to play for the legendary Coach Bear Bryant.

Who was the first NFL quarterback to win a playoff game?

The first NFL playoff game was played December 18, 1932 between the Chicago Bears and the Portsmouth Spartans (now the Detroit Lions). The Bears won 9-0 and their QB was Carl Brumbaugh.

Who was first black quarterback to get drafted?

the first African American quarterback drafted was Fritz Pollard

Who was jay cutler traded for?

On April 2, Cutler was traded to the Chicago Bears along with a fifth-round pick in the 2009 NFL Draft. In return, the Broncos received quarterback Kyle Orton, the Bears' first and third-round selections in 2009, and the Bears' first-round pick in 2010.

Who was the second black quarterback in the NFL?

The second black quarterback to play was Marlin Briscoe. Willie Thrower was the first.

What was the first team the Chicago Bears ever played?

Chicago Cardinals

Who was the First black quarterback to play in nfl Super Bowl?

Doug Williams is the first black quarterback to play in and win a Superbowl with the Washington Redskins.

When did the Chicago Bears win their first super bowl?

The Chicago Bears won their only super bowl in 1985 (XX)

When did the Chicago Bears play their first game?

The Chicago Bears defeated Moline 20-0 on October 3, 1920.

Has Alabama ever had a black quarterback?

Yes, there have been several. The first black quarterback at Alabama was Michael Landrum in 1979.

What were Chicago Bears called before?

first in 1920 Decatur Staleys, second in 1921 Chicago Staleys, third 1/28/1922 Chicago Bears

Who was the first black first string quarterback?

The first black quarterback to be a starter was Marlin Briscoe of the Denver Broncos in 1968. After a fantastic rookie season, he was not asked back to play quarterback. You can see the entire story on the bio page below