Chicago Bears Best Season

Updated: 10/21/2022
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The Bears have had two undefeated regular seasons. In 1934, they went 13-0 and in 1942 they went 11-0. They lost the NFL championship game both seasons.

Their best season in the Super Bowl era was 1985 when they went 15-1 and defeated the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XX. So as you can clearly see the Chicago Bears are one of the best teams in the NFL. They are better than the Packers too. Honestly I see them better than the 72 Miami Dolphins. The 72 Dolphins had an easy schedule with only 2 teams that they faced had a record over .500 (OVER not .500). Also That One loss was with Jim McMahon.

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Q: Chicago Bears Best Season
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The Chicago bears!

Which NFL franchise is the most successful?

the bears have the best franchise record of 321-298 (.57), the 2nd best is the Patriots

Does Chicago Bears have the best defense?

Heck yes.

What NFL team has the best winning percentage?

Through the 2010 season, it's the Chicago Bears. They have a record of 704-512-42 for a winning percentage of .579.

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The New York Jets had the best last year, though the best defense in the league statistically shifts every season.

Who is the best line backer for the bears?

DICK BUTKUS who played for the CHICAGO BEARS from 1965-1973.

What is the best season the saints have had before 2010?

2006-2007. They reached Conference finals versus the Chicago Bears and lost the game in the 4th quarter with 3 touch-downs by the Bears, with a final score of 39-14.

Who was the best player for the Chicago Bears in 1993?

Jose Torivio

Are the Chicago Bears the best NFL team?

Yes, they are.Yes, they are

What was the Chicago Bears best score?

In 194? The bears won a record of highest scored game in the NFL which is...

Who was nicknamed the refrigerator?

William Perry, American Football Player, best known for his years with the Chicago Bears

Who is the best team in NFL so far this season?

The bears (-: