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cbse physical education program for class 1st to 10

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Q: Cbse physical education syllabus class first to class 10th?
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The teacher passed out the syllabus during the first class to help the sudents understand what would be taught.

When did physical education come to begin in Liberia?

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Where did the first Driver's Education class begin?

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How was physical education first called in Liberia?

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What is the 2011 first year syllabus?

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Who is the first principal of ymca college of physical education?

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Who are the five pioneers of physical education in Nigeria and their contributions?

(1)Harding James ekperigin:harding James known for his works in the development of physical education in nigeria was born in ugbori in warri local government area of delta state.he attended government college,ibadan where his athletics skill must be noted that harding James participated in gier cup competition in 1937 where he recorded an outstanding performance in the game of long jump.but his outstanding performance and dedication to sports earned him a scholarship to study at the loughborough training college which was famous in England .he went on to graduate as the professionally trained nigeria in physical education in 1952.when ekperigin returned to nigeria,he was quickly appionted as an education officier by the then western region and was placed in charge of physical and health education of the ministry because of his outstanding performance in 1963 he moved from ibadan to benin city when the mid western region was established to head the physical and health education of the state ministry of education.he was quickly replaced by Issac akioye.on the 18th of January 1981 James died at the age of 68 years.ekperignreally played a major role in establishing physical education and health education in nigeria.that is no wonder why he his referred to as all time father of physical education in Nigeria.(2)Isaac Akioye:Isaac akioye is indeed a role model when we talk about physical education in Nigeria. He was trained in the famous loughborough training college in England where Harding James Ekerign studied. He was part of the Nigerian football team that played bare-footed to the amazement of British spectator in 1949.When he returned from Britain ,he became a member of the western region ministry of education as an education officer .in 1963,he replaced Harding James when he moved from Ibadan to benin and consolidated the gains of his predecessor. He later obtained a master degree in physical education at the Ohio university in Athens usa.He joined the staff of obafemi Awolowo university popularly called the great ife today.on his return from the united states of America where he was appointed the first acting director of institution of physical education.Some highlight of his achievement:1. He quickly stopped the playing of netball in preference to basketball in Nigeria schools.2. He as one time secretary general and later president of Nigerian Association for physical education(NAPHER).3. He was the first Nigerian to earn a masters degree in physical education.4. During his time ,Nigeria boast of having the best set of athletes which comprises world class standard .(3) Professor Dr Emiola Lasun:According to the pages of history,seriousresearch work did not start in physical and health education in Nigeria until late 60's and early 70's.The great prof carried out a research in the history and administration of sports and physical education in Nigeria.It must be noted that he made an article on foundation of physical and health education research in the federal republic of Nigeria.Some of his achievement:(1). We can say that professor Dr emiola was the genesis of research work in physical and health education in Nigeria.(4) professor Philomena Bolaji Ikulayo:Professor Ikulayo is someone who moves all around physical education and sports generally.She made a research of the fundamentals of recreation.she is someone that distinguished herself bothacademically and on the other sports issues.she can boast of five academic qualifications/honours in having a Bachelor of education degree,a second class honour in July 1978,a masters in education in December 1978,a doctor of philosophy(pH.d)(education)in 1985,Bachelor of law in 200.And not long ago a barrister at(bl)Bwaari-Abuja,Nigeria in February 2003.she worked as a coach of swimming and badminton from 1977 to may 1978 at the university of Manchester. She had so many honors and awards and other publications. She was however made dean of education University of Lagos because of her achievements.She however has teaching ,research,leadership,administrative experience and currently workimg as a senior lecturer/professor at the university of Lagos.(5).Professor M.O Ajisafe:Professor m.o ajisafe one of the pioneers of physical education in Nigeria,is a professor of curriculum and instructions in physical education .His contributions towards the development of physical education in Nigeria is noteworthy.He made important contributions in terms of curriculum for undergraduate programme in so many universities & colleges such as :university of Ibadan in 1975/76,institution of physical education Afuze e.t.c.In July 1974 he was the secretary to the group that was called by the federal government to formulate the physical education syllabus of the university primary education(u.p.e).In 1974 he was invited to head the panel of physical educators to prepare a syllabus of physical education for the grade two teachers' college in the then western Nigeria because he was the first curriculum expert at that time.In 1979,on the invitation of the west African examinations council ,prepared the syllabus for the secondary school in Nigeria as the chairman of the committee.It must be noted that as far back as 1969,he with others successfully canvassed for the adoption of a syllabus that will reflect the geo-cultural background of Nigeria to replace the 1933 syllabus imported to the country by the British government .This was the beginning of 6-3-3-4 system of education used today.That is it folks,if you need the remaining 08164996236 or send an email to I submitted these as an assignment in the department of human kinetics and health I am sure of this notes.i submitted it to mr gbenga .this answers is supplied by paul osharive oghenemaro

When did US start PE classes?

Physical education was officially recognized in the United States in the early 1800's. Colleges and Universities began to offer physical education programs throughout the 1800's. Finally, in 1866 California was the first to mandate physical education.

What is the importance of first aid in physical education and sports?

First aid is important in physical education and sports. It is important because medical care is needed promptly when someone is injured while doing PE or playing a sport.