Catchy cheers for cheerleading.

Updated: 10/21/2022
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== == I in the cheer team in japan heres a cheer! Were the mighty (mascots name) with trouble with a capital T(WHAT, WHAT)! T-R-O-U-B-L-E! SOOOO DON'T YA MESS WITH ME!(CLAP) the do some backandspring,handspring,toe touches,splits.or do a pyrmid!

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Shake it to the left shake it to the right c'mon Colt's let's fight fight fight all the time go colt's

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Q: Catchy cheers for cheerleading.
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Where does the term cheerleading come from?

It literally means what it says. Cheerleading is the action for leading cheers

Cheers for cheerleading?

This is not a real sport....repeat in your voice

What is a cheer squad?

it is a cheerleading team that works on cheers!

What do you do on a cheerleading squad?

You learn cheers, stunts, jumps, and tumbling

Where did you get cheerleading from?

They are the people who lead the crowd in cheers, thus, cheerleader.

Where can you find cheerleading cheers?

a great place to find cheerleading cheers is a site called: I found this site REALLY helps and it has alot more too! hope this helps! miss.cheerleader

What are cheerleading school?

Cheerleading Schools are for incoming cheerleaders. They teach you everything there is to know about cheerleading. They teach you stunts, cheers, dances, stretching, flexability, safety etc... :)

Where can you get free cheerleading mixes?

You can go to they give you info and some cheers

Where can you learn cheerleading moves?

well you can learn cheers at a camp or at home on the Internet

How do you get ready for cheerleading in a month?

Make sure you stretch and you can practice cheers that you know.

What is required to pull together a cheerleading team?

stunts, jumps, cheers, chants, dance, motions, etc.

What is the difference between kickline and cheerleading?

A kickline is when people are in a line kicking to a beat in unison or ripples and cheerleading is a spirit team that supports whoever they are cheering for by chanting cheers and performing routines