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It's a fair ball.

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Q: Catcher catches ball in front of plate?
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Is a hit off of home plate that the catcher catches while standing over the home plate a fair ball in high school baseball?

The level of baseball is irrelevant. From Coach pitch to the majors, home plate is in fair territory. The reason why the plate is the only base that comes to a triangle is because that's the beginning of the foul lines as they extend out to foul pole--which is why the "arrow" of the plate never points to the pitcher. Any ball that has not crossed 1st or 3rd base is not fair or foul until it is touched or goes completely out of play. It doesn't matter where the catcher is, it matters where he touches the ball. The ball can hit the plate and bounce straight up or it could even hit behind the plate. If the catcher touches the ball directly over home plate, it's a fair ball.

Ball is hit behind batter and spins to the front of batte fair or foul?

It depends on where the ball is when the catcher catches it. The fact that the ball hit the plate does not matter one bit. It doesn't even matter where the catcher himself is when he catches it. If the ball is in or over fair territory it is fair, if the ball is in or over foul territory it is foul.

If there is no strikes and a batter hits the ball not in the air in the faul taritory and the catcher catches is it a out?

If the batted ball is on the ground and touched by a defensive player while the ball is in foul territory, before passing 1B or 3B, then it is foul, and the batter is not out. But if the batted ball is hit in the air, a pop up, and the catcher catches it while in foul territory, the batter is out.

What is the difference between a catcher catching a foul tip and catching a fly ball?

A foul tip is considered to be when the batter swings and the bat barely touches, or tips, the ball. The ball goes straight back into the catcher's mitt. A fly ball is when the batter makes contact and the ball goes up into the air for a significant distance. If a catcher catches a foul tip with less than two strikes the play is simply considered a strike and not an out. But if the catcher catches a foul tip when the batter has two strikes, the batter is scored to have struckout.

What if the catcher touches a batted ball that hits the plate?

Home plate is considered just as much "fair territory" as any other part of the playing field. If a batted ball comes to rest on home plate without being touched by any player, it is a fair ball. If a catcher grabs the ball, when the only part of the field the ball has touched is home plate, the ball is fair -- just as if it had bounced only within the chalk lines. Thus, if a batter hits the ball downward onto the plate, and the ball then bounces into the air, and the catcher grabs the ball in the air before it hits any other part of the field -- the ball is fair. Since, at this point, the batter must run to first base, the catcher could throw the runner out at first.

Should the first baseman be positioned inside or outside of the bag on a third strike drop by the catcher?

Depends on if the ball is blocked in front of home plate or towards the backstop.

What is a fair ball in teeball?

In t-ball the ball has to be 2 ft. in front of the plate.

Define a stolen base in softball?

when a baserunner decides to sprint to the next base right after the pitcher releases the ball. It is a risk. But once the catcher catches the ball that was just pitched, the catcher can very quickly decide to throw the ball to the base and try to get the baserunner, or stealer, out.

What happens when a batter has two strikes and swings and tips the next pitch?

If the catcher catches the tip the batter is out. If the catcher does not catch the tip, it counts as a foul ball and the batter continues at bat.

A play at the plate catcher drops the ball on the base runner not the ground and put it back in their glove is it a catch or a dropped ball?

its a catch

What is a drop ball?

it is a pitch in fastpitch softball that's starts knee to thigh high and drops through the strike zone while crossing the plate preferably into the dirt right in front of the catcher.

How far the ball has to hit in front home plate to make it fair?

Because home plate is in fair territory, the ball could settle on top of the plate and it would be a fair ball.