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Yes, if the score is level at the end of the second game, 30 mins extra time is played. If it still level after extra time, away goals count double. If this still doesn't produce a winner then it's down to penalties.

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Q: Carling cup semi final do away goals count?
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In aggregate football do own goals count as away goals?


Do away goals count in extra time in europa cup?

If during extra-time both teams score the same number of goals, the away goals will count double (and the visiting team advances). If no goals are scored during extra-time, the winner is decided by penalty kicks. Please refer to the related link for more information.

How much is the value of a visiting goal in soccer?

any goal scored by a visting team is worth one. However, if a game is played over two legs and ends in a draw, then away goals (goals scored by the visting team) count as double.

Do away goals count in Spanish super cup?

yes of course, but not in the finals because there's only 1 match

How does the away goal rule work?

The away goals rule is a method of breaking ties in association football and other sports when teams play each other twice, once at each team's home ground. By the away goals rule, the team that has scored more goals "away from home" will win if scores are otherwise tied. This is sometimes expressed by saying that away goals (or at least one of them) "count double" in the event of a tie. The away-goals rule is most often invoked in two-legged fixtures, where the initial result is determined by the aggregate score - i.e. the scores of both games are added together. In many competitions, the away goals rule is the first tie-breaker for such cases, with a penalty shootout as the second tie-breaker if each team has scored the same number of away goals. Rules vary as to whether the away goals rule applies at the end of normal time of the second leg, or after extra time.

When was the away goals rule introduced in soccer?

The introduction of the Away Goals rule in football was brought about by UEFA in 1965.

In soccer if an away team scores how many goals is it counted as?

It always counts only one goal. However, usually, when teams face each other over two legs, i.e. the winner is determined by the sum of each teams' score over two matches, one home and one away, like in the knockout phases of the Champions League, in case the sum of each teams' score is the same after the two games, whoever has more away goals scored is deemed the winner, that's why it is usually said that "away goals count twice".

What does away goals rule mean in football?

The Away Goals rules is a method ofbreaking Ties in Association Football and other sports when teams play each other twice, once at each team's home ground. By the away goals rule, the team that has scored more goals "away from home" will win if scores are otherwise equal

Largest away support at old trafford?

Coventry city took 12000 there and filled the whole stand when we beat them 2-0 at old trafford in the carling cup

What are away goals used for in football?

Away Goals are used in aggregate games. For exampe if a team beats another team 2-1 and in the next game the team who lost won 1-0 at home the the team who won 1-0 will win on away goals. If the two teams win 2-0 away or at home it will go into Extra time

How are away goals counted in football?

Generally away goals are counted like home goals. Only in Play-Off like cup competitions they have an importance. In Champions League in the aggregate rounds for example, the teams have one home game and one away game. If the addition of the goals over both teams is equal, the away goal counts. For example: Inter Milan won against Barcelona at home 3:1 If Barcelona had won their home game 2:0 against Inter, the addition is 3:3. In this case Barcelona would have been in the next round, because they shoot a goal in Milan. But Barcelona just won 1:0. The addition is 3:2 for Milan, so Milan reached the final. If the score in Barcelona would be 3:1 for Barcelona, the addition would be 4:4 and the away goals are the same, then there would have been an Overtime.

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