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Q: Caracter and physical features of Indian cheetak?
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In Indian culture what does the turtle symbolize?

It symbolizes caracter

How might physical features divide the countries of the indian subcontinent?

it varies on the land surrounding it

What are the Features of Indian Democracy?

features of Indian democracy is that it helps people of all the castes

What major physical features are located in the Indian Perimeter?

Large plains are found in the Indian Perimeter. There are also three rivers referred to as the Indus, Ganges, and Brahmaputra which dominate the land.

The basic features of Indian economy?

features of socialism

What are some physical features of India?

Mountains - Himalayas, Western and Eastern GhatsPlateaus - Deccan Plateau, Chhotanagpur PlateauPlains - North Indian PlainsIslands - Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep IslandsThese are some examples of the 4 physical features of India.

What physical features surrounds united Arab emirates?

sand, sand dunes, some of the mountains, the Arabian gulf and the Indian Ocean

When was Indian Physical Society created?

Indian Physical Society was created in 1934.

What is physical features of sachin?

Sachin Tendulkar has dark hair and eyes. He is approximately 5 feet 5 inches tall and is of Indian descent.

What physical features do Africa have in common with north America?

Big river systemsTropic of Capricorn travels though bothThey share the Indian Ocean

1 Describe important features of Indian rural economic structure?

important features of Indian rural economic structure?

What are som physical features of the ridge and valley?

Pigeon Mountain, *Taylor Ridge, **Etowah Indian Mounds, *Carters Dam FaultRead more: What_attractions_are_there_in_Ridge_and_Valley_Georgia

What four physical features surround the Indian subcontinent?

The air above it The bay of Bengal to the east of it The Arabian sea to the west of it The Himalayas to the north of it.

Explain the features of a Indian village?

Isolation, peace, simplicity, and conservatism are features of Indian villages. Local self government and poverty can also be found in Indian villages.

Explain the salient features of indian constitution.?

The salient features of Indian constitution include socialist, secular, democratic, and fundamental elements.

What are the basic features of Indian constitution?


Which bank's name features on Indian currency notes?

Reserve Bank of India's name features on Indian currency notes. It is a government bank. This banks publishes Indian currency.

What are some physical features of India - and their significance?

Indian physical features like himalayan mountains provide attractive tourist spots, and mineral-containing water for irrigation. Indian forests are considered hot spots of biodiversity. The plains of india have fertile soil for cultivation. Rivers of india support its agriculture by providing water for irrigation and by carrying rich, fertile soils to the lowlands.

What are the major land features of India?

The major physical or land features of India are- The Ganga-Indus-Brahmaputra plains, the Great Indian desert, the Himalaya mountain ranges, the Deccan Plateau, the Coastal plains and the Island groups.

What are cape towns physical features?

Table Mountain, Robben Island and the fact that it has both the Atlantic ocean on the west coast, and the Indian ocean on it's east coast.

What are the main features of Indian river system?

Indian rivers mainly fed by rain.

What is the features of Indian drama?

emotions and involving in the character

Features of Indian democracy?

There are many features of Indian democracy. The citizens elect representatives in the government, the use the majority rule system and it is based on the parliamentary majority.

What is one of the most sacred features of the Indian landscape?


Which animal features in Indian national emblem?

3 Lions