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Q: Captained at world cupand played for three premiership clubs with free transfer?
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Who am i i have captained the three premier league teams that i have played for i have also captained my country yet have not cost a penny in transfer fees?

Lucas Neill?

Which England international having played for 3 premiership clubs has never been subject to a transfer fee?

Sol Campbell

How many matches are played in the premiership?

i think 38 games are played in the premiership

Who is the footballer that has played for every premiership team?

There is no player that has played for every premiership club.

When was the first premiership in nrl?

The first premiership in NRL was played in 1908.

Which premiership football player has played for the most premiership teams?

Andrew cole

Who played the four test for India in 1930 but has a son and two nephews who captained Pakistan?

who played four test for india in 1930s and has sons and two nephews who captained pakistan

What current premiership player has played under 16 premiership managers?

Shay given

Who has played in the premiership managed in the premiership and also managed an international team?

Mark Hughes?

Has Oldham played in the Premiership?

Yes. Oldham played in the premiership when it was founded in 1992, and had served in the final season of the First Division in 1991-92. They played in the premiership for 2 years and were relegated in 1993-94 season. Norwich sent them down!

Who played for Barcelona and in the premiership?

Thierry Henry.

Which premiership player has played for three premiership teams and only scored only two goals?