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Sayaka onoedris

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Q: Captain of women Indian basketball team?
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Who is the captain of the Indian basketball team now and in 1930?

The current Captain of the Indian basketball team is Amritpal Singh. The team was made in 1936, so there was no 1930 captain.

Who is the captain of Indian women hockey team?

Mamata Kharab is the captain of the Indian women hockey team.

Captain of indian basketball team?

Sayaka onoedris

Who is lady captain of Indian hockey team?

Mamta Kharab is the captain of Indian women's national field hockey team.

Who is the captain of present Indian womens cricket team?

Mithali Raj is the current Captain for Indian Women's Cricket Team.

Who is the Captain of Indian Women's Volleyball team?


Who is the current captain of women cricket team?

The current captain of the 2017 Indian Womens Hockey team is Sushila Chanu

Who was the captain of indian women's kabaddi team?

Kavitha tamilnadu

In cricket who is the womans captain?

Jhulan Goswami is the Indian Women's Cricket Team Captain

Who is the captain of girls Indian cricket team?

Mithali Raj. JHULAN GOSWAMI Now Mithali Raj.

Who was the first captain of Indian women's cricket team?

Shantha rangappa

Who is the present captain of the Indian Women's Hockey Team?

Jyuti Sunita Kallu