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yes it should

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Q: Capitalized Value of an basketball player?
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Does the word basketball get capitalized in any sentence?

No, the word basketball is not a proper noun and so it does not get capitalized in a sentence unless it is the first word of that sentence.

Do you capitalize NBA basketball star?

OnlyNBA is capitalized.

Should basketball be capitalized?

Only if it starts a sentence.

What is the value of a basketball MVP card?

The value of the card depends on the player, the manufacturer, the year the of the card and the condition of the card.

Who is Russel westbrook?

Basketball player in OKC

What is a basketball player?

A basketball player is a person who plays basketball, especially professionally.

Who is Grant Prusator?

a basketball player a basketball player

Who is the best athlete a soccer player or basketball player?

Basketball player

Value of 2007-08 topps luxury box basketball cards?

Value of a basketball card depends on the player, type and rarity. Current market value can be looked up on ebay's completed sales. Most common cards are probably worth very little.

What specified sport player makes a rainbow shot?

a basketball player

Basketball player picture?

Search basketball player on google images.

What is the value of a authenticated basketball used in the Barcelona Olympics basketball?

basketball ya !