Canadian who played for the Braves?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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Pete Orr from Ontario

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Q: Canadian who played for the Braves?
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Where did the Boston Braves play in 1948?

In 1948, the Boston Braves played at Braves field.

What leagues have the Atlanta Braves played in?

The Braves Boston/Milwaukee/Atlanta have only played in the National League.

Where did the Boston Braves play?

The Atlanta Braves play at Turner Field in Atlanta, Georgia.

What teams did Hank Aaron play for?

He played for the Milwaukee Brewers He only played a couple of seasons with the Brewers between stints with the Braves. He played with the Braves when they were in Milwaukee before the Brewers existed. He later played again with the Braves after they had moved to Atlanta.

The Braves have played in how many places?

The Braves first played in Boston, then moved to Milwaukee and now play in Atlanta.

What current MLB manager played and managed for the Braves during his career?

Joe Torre played for the Braves, and later managed them.

How long have the braves played in Atlanta?

The Atlanta Braves have played in Atlanta, GA since 1966. For the past 45 years.

When did Hank Aaron join the braves?

Hank Aaron was signed by the Braves in June, 1952. He had been playing with the Indianapolis Clowns of the Negro Leagues when the Braves signed him. His first team in MLB was the Braves and he played with the Braves for 21 seasons.

What divisions have the Atlanta Braves played in?

The Atlanta Braves played in the N.L. West Division from 1969-1993. They have played in the N.L. East Division from 1994 to the present.

Which team Hank Aaron played for?

Milwaukee Braves, Atlanta Braves, Milwaukee Brewers

Did gallaraga ever play for the braves?

Andres Gallaraga played for the Braves in 1998 and 2000.

What baseball team did Bob Uecker play on?

played with the milwaukee braves and atlanta braves