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Q: Can your child get into Canada without a birth certificate?
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Can your girlfriend sign the birth certificate?

You haven't explained whose birth certificate. If it's her biological child then she must sign the birth certificate. The biological parents of the child sign the birth certificate.

Is US born child to Canadian born mother allowed entry to Canada?

Since the mother herself was born in Canada, the child is eligible for Canadian citizenship. You should contact the nearest Canadian embassy or consulate general to apply for a certificate of Canadian citizenship. In the meantime, the child still can enter to Canada using his/her American passport or birth certificate (birth certificate can be used instead of a passport only if he or she is under 15).

How do you get Florida birth certificate for foreign child?

To get a Florida birth certificate (or a birth certificate in any other state, for that matter), the child had to have been born in Florida.

Can you put down your child's father's name on the birth certificate without him signing it?

No he have to sign it in order to be on there.

If Father dies and name not on child's birth certificate can he be an heir?

Not without an extended, and expensive, probate challenge.

I was born in Canada and have duel citizenship with America how do ubtain American citizenship for your child who was also born in Canada?

Contact the nearest US consulate, go there and register your child's birth. The certificate they will give you will act as citizenship certificate. Then apply for your child's passport so that s/he can travel to the US with you too.

Can a mother bring his to child to other country without the consent of the father in which the father name is not mention in the child birth certificate?

Depends. Even if he is not on the birth certificate he can still have a court ordered visitation and pay child support. In that case she needs both his and the courts permission.

Who is the legal father of your child the man you are married to or the man on the birth certificate?

The man on the birth certificate.

How much does it cost to get the baby a us birth certificate if you had it in Mexico?

A child born outside the US will not be issued a US birth certificate. The birth certificate will be issued by the country in which the child was born.

Can you get birth certificate of your husbands child from another woman?

The easiest way (small fee for the document) is to apply to Vital Statistics to get the birth certificate of your husband's child. The other woman does not have to give the birth certificate if she chooses not to.

How do you obtain a certificate of birth of my husband's child?

A parent is the only one who can obtain a birth certificate. Your husband will have to do this.

If a father that is married to the mother of his child and is on the birth certificate can the mother take the child and move away without telling the father?

no see links below