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Q: Can your body digest raw squid tentacles?
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Is raw egg good for the body?

no, they can carry diseases and it is really hard for your body to digest it raw.

What is easier to digest raw egg or hard boil why?

raw would be easier to digest because it is a liquid but raw egg can be poisonous.

Is raw lean beef is easier for us to digest?

Raw lean beef is easier for us to digest because it does not have cooking fat that contains cholestrol.

How does it affect your body when you eat lot of raw rice soaked in water?

It affects your body when you eat rice with water because the rice will turn into a starchy substance that will be hard to digest. :-)

Can a dog digest a raw potato?

i wouldn't try it

Is squid good raw?

Sure - provided it's eaten fresh !

What does boxfish eat?

raw table shrimp, squid, clam and mussel.

Can you lose weight on the raw food diet plan?

Yes, you can lose weight on the raw food diet plan because the food is usually low in fat, calories, and is unprocessed. These foods are easier for your body to digest.

Which part of your body digest raw meat?

Nobody is a hundred percent sure, but some experts believe that the appendix is the organ that digests raw meat. In the 21st century us humans do not necessarily need the appendix (if it is true that it only digests raw meat).

Can humans digest raw potato?

yes...but we don't like it

Is human being stomach is made to digest raw meat?

The human digestive system can digest raw meat, but you have will get E coli and you will die from it if you have too much. If the meat is totally raw you will die, if its under-cooked you have a high chance of dying

How do dogs digest raw meat?

enzymes break down food