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If the weight you are losing is muscle, yes.

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Q: Can your bench pressing strength decrease if you lose weight?
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Does bench pressing decrease your height?

no of course not

For bench pressing is it better to do more reps with less weight or less reps with more weight?

You do fewer reps with more weight to make your muscles look larger. You do more reps with less weight to increase your strength. What is your goal?

What is the best way to get good upper body strength?

A good way to get good upper body strength is by doing pull ups and bench pressing!

Fastest way to lose fat and gain muscle on the torso area ie chest and abs?

Do 50 situps with 20 pound weights and bench press as much weight as you can then keep pressing but keep lowering the weight when you cant do that much weight anymore. I went from bench pressing 90 lbs to bench pressing 120 pounds in the summer doing that every day, and people are afraid of my six pack.

How much weight should you be bench pressing when you weigh 142 pounds?

I bench 190 for 5 reps and 185 for six reps and I weigh 142

How much does timbaland bench press?

reported bench pressing 110lbs/50kg

Can you bench press?

Almost anyone can bench press. No one should bench press without a spotter. A person can frequently bench press far more weight than he can press. Many people have practiced bench pressing alone and had the weights drop on their chest. Without a spotter there, they were unable to remove them. As a result they died. For that reason, a lot of places that have weights do not have benches for bench pressing. It is not difficult, but too dangerous.

Do you wear the belt when you're bench pressing or just when you're standing up?

Most people do not use a belt at all when bench pressing.

How come only one arm hurts after bench pressing?

One of your arms is probably stronger than the other. Stay with the current weight your doing on bench and when the pain and stiffness go away you are ready to move up in weight.

What are junior high students recommended to lift in weight lifting?

It depends, but probably around 40-60 pounds (if you are bench pressing).

Where can I buy a good weight lifting bench?

I am sure your husband will enjoy the gift of a weight lifting bench. sells weight lifting benches and also weights. For additional information: ... Strength Training Equipment Benches

How strong was Bruce Lee in bench pressing?


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