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prescription goggles or contacts?

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Q: Can you wear glasses and play football?
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Are you insured if you wear glasses playing football?


Can you wear glasses in football?

Most sports require that glasses not be worn during play, and either replaced using soft goggles or simply removed completely.

Which football players wear glasses?

zima aziz

Did Didier Drogba ever wear eye glasses while playing a football match?

no he has never wore glasses in his football match not even once

Can people play basketball if they wear glasses?


Can soccer players wear plastic glasses in professional football in A ustralia?


How do you play football with glasses?

They have certain glasses that are made to not fall off of your face while playing sports, I play softball and my friend has a pair.

Did Gen Charles Cornwallis wear glasses?

no he did not wear glasses

Does Watson wear glasses?

She doesn't wear glasses all the time, but she has got glasses.

Does Emma wear glasses?

She doesn't wear glasses all the time, but she has got glasses.

Can you wear soccer shoes to play football?

Yes you can.

What do you need to wear to play football?

You need a jersey, shorts, stockings and shingaurds as well as football boots to play a match.

Does Emma Watson wear glasses?

She doesn't wear glasses all the time, but she has got glasses.

Does Justin Bieber wear glasses?

Yes, Justin Bieber does wear glasses. His eyes are good but he does have to wear glasses unless he has in contacts

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No Liam Payne does not wear glasses

Does Sai in Naruto wear glasses if he did what episode?

Sai does not wear glasses.

How many kids wear glasses?

about 70 percent wear glasses

Can you wear soccer cleats as football cleats?

You can wear soccer cleats to play american football but it is less than ideal. Soccer cleats do not have a stud on the toe of the cleat like football cleats do. This make it much easier to run, cut and dig into the grass. Most football cleats are also higher and more supportive than soccer cleats. Although if you are a field goal kicker/ punter or kicker in American Football - they all wear soccer cleats. Basically you CAN wear soccer cleats to play American football but you CAN NOT wear American Football cleats to play Soccer.

What should you wear as a narrator in a play?

wear clothes that are sophisticated and with glasses and that stuff or something that relates to ur play

Does Bill Kaulitz wear glasses?

No, Bill doesn't wear prescription glasses, but he does wear sunglasses frequently.

Does Justin Timberlake wear glasses?

Yes, Justin Timberlake does wear glasses.

Do your eyes get smaller when you wear Glasses?

i wear glasses so when i look in the mirror its a no

Is it true that lil twist wear glasses?

does lil twist wear glasses

What percent of people wear glasses in Canada?

64.2% of people wear glasses

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Yes, she wear glasses, but i want more info.