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Q: Can you wear football girdles for middle school football?
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Can you wear Mirrored visors in middle school football?

No. Mirrored visors are not allowed in middle school nor high school football.

What type of girdles do nhl players wear?

They dont wear girdles they wear pants

Can you wear a 20 percent grey visor on your football helment in middle school football?

No has to be clear threw high school

What should I wear to a middle school football game?

wear anyhting like jeans and a casual shirt how hard is that?

What football players wear the number 24?

mychael hatfield showalter middle school

Can you wear a shaded visor on your football helmet in middle school?

nope, clear only, at least in Virginia

What are things you wear that begin with the letter G?

gloves, gown, gym shoes, gym shorts, girdles, glasses,

Why should men wear women's girdles?

I see nothing wrong with it, and I have been wearing girdles and stockings since I was a teenager. It simply makes me feel good. Kim

Are apple bottom jeans cool to wear in middle school?

i personally don't like them and I'm in middle school. but if you like them wear 'em.

Does middle college high school wear uniforms?

some of the middle schools in australia wear uniforms

Do all middle schooler wear makeup to school?

At my school, yes.

What to wear for middle school graduation?

Wear a suit. Or, there is a chance that you need to wear your graduation gown