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yes, but it has to be the same color as your jersey

-LeBron James

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โˆ™ 2010-11-17 00:13:59
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Q: Can you wear a shooting sleeve when playing high school basketball?
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Can you wear a shooting sleeve in high school basketball?

you cant wear it unless you have a doctors note !!

Where can you buy a basketball shooting sleeve in Alberta?

The U.S.

Where can you get a youth basketball shooting sleeve?

Any sporting goods store.

Which sport does a shooting sleeve help with?

A shooting sleeve is used in basketball. It is designed in such a way that it returns the ball to the general direction of the shooter, helping him/her practice their shots.

Can you wear a shooting sleeve in high school?


How do you make a basketball shooting sleeve your size without buying your own?

Cut the sleeve of an old under armour shirt

What are basketball arm sleeves for?

Check this out:

Where to buy basketball shooting sleeve in Canada?

at any dollar store in yalls poor country

What arm compression sleeve is the best to use for basketball?

It just helps circulation. No need for a shooting sleve.

How do you clean a basketball shooting sleeve?

You put in it in the laundry basket then in the washing machine the in the drying machine and your done!

What does a basketball shooting sleeve do?

Well. I recently baught a shooting sleeve and this is what iv read it does. It keeps your muscles warmLooks goodAnd it kinda gets to your head that it improves your shooting So it can probably increase your shooting. But if you start missing its just getting to your head. But overall doesn't do much. Just mainly for looks

What arm do you wear a shooting sleeve on?

You would wear a shooting sleeve on the arm that you shoot the ball with.

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