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Yes you can. Everybody does. Although silicone is more common.

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Q: Can you wear a latex swimming cap with long hair?
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Can parents wear latex gloves when checking hair?

yes as long as its the female parent who does it because alot of moms enjoy wearing latex gloves when they are checking their kids hair. they say wearing gloves is what makes it fun

What are some ways to wear your hair when you go swimming?

If you have long hair, my best advice would be to pull your hair in a pony tail or a bun. That's what I do when I go swimming. Plus, you could always use a swimming cap. But those things like to pull hair when you take them off.

How long can you wear latex catsuit?

if you can take good care of your latex clothing, latex clothing so you can maintain for a long time! Or you buy a good quality latex clothing, such as buying latex on, then your latex clothing can also keep a very long time Finally, be sure to carefully care for your latex clothing!

Is it safe to wear a latex body suit and face paint for a long time?

Latex body suit can be worn for long periods of time. Unless allergic to latex you should not have any problems with wearing the suit for a long period of time.

Is it possible to dive into the water and not have wet hair?

Yes, wear a swimming cap.

Write some sentences about swimming?

The first time you start swimming, you are a bit scared but then you get used to the water. Goggles are great to wear unless you can't. Long hair can get into your mouth so best option is to put it into a ponytail and tuck into a swimming cap. Swimming is fun after a while.

What is the french word for swimming hat?

the covering you wear on your hair while swimming is called 'un bonnet de bain' in French.

Why does Tim Lincecum wear his hair long?

He doesn't wear hair, he grows his own.

What do you wear on your eyes when you go on swimming?

you dont have to put any thing on your head but if you dont want your hair to get wet , get a swimming cap

How can you keep long hair neat?

There are several ways to keep your hair neat. 1. You can wear a swimming cap while going swimming. 2. You can also wear a braids and ponytails during the day, swimming, and sleeping. 3. Use high quality shampoo and conditioner 4. Use de chlorine shampoo and conditioner after swimming 5. Brush out your hair a lot, and keep it clean. 6. Get a trim every once in a while to get rid of the bad parts of your hair I have long hair, and this is what I do to it: 1. I use Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioner on regular bases 2. I take a shower every two days 3. After I go swimming, I use de chlorine shampoo, and Herbal Essence conditioner 4. I put my hair in a ponytail when I sleep 5. I brush it out through the day 6. I straighten my hair in the morning, then I brush it 7. I get trims sometimes So I have nice, long, pretty, straight hair. And I probably won't have to cut it for a while.

Can you go swimming on your periord?

Swimming during your period is fine as long as you wear a tampon which should be changed before and after you go swimming

How long does it take to get helmet hair?

it matters how you wear your hair