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use the pad it comes with

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Q: Can you wax a snowboard without an iron?
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Does waxing a snowboard with a non snowboard iron bad?

No, it does not. I use a regular iron I bought at Value Village for $5 to wax my base, and it works fine. The only thing is that once you use it to wax your snowboard, it cannot be used on clothes again, or else it will ruin them. If you make sure to have the right temperature, you should be fine!

Can you use car wax to make a snowboard go faster?

Yes, wax will lower the drag coefficient of the snowboard.

Can you wax a snowboard with a lighter?

No it destroys the board.

Can you use furniture wax on a snowboard?

No, not a good idea

Is their snowboard wax that the color comes off on the snow?

Possibly, depending on how good the quality of your wax is.

Can you use paraffin wax on a snowboard?

Totally. Just treat it like you would with hot wax made for snowboards. It actually works quite well, but it does wear off faster than specialized wax (my theory: no big deal- it's cheaper regardless, I'd rather spend my money on a lift ticket). All of the fandangled specialized wax is totally expensive and unnecessary not needed except for comps. To do this iron the wax and scrape it to a thin film. It can take quite a few treatments to saturate the base.

What can take off snowboard wax?

Gasoline, or Paint Thinner

Does snowboard wax affect your speed?

It helps you to go faster.

Can you wax your skis with car wax?

Yes. Ski wax isn't magic, it's just wax and you can use pretty much any wax, though it it may not work as well. I've used turtle wax on by snowboard many times. I'll generally rub some turtle wax on my board before I snowboard and it works well. I have a snowboard that hasn't been waxed in ten years and I waxed it with turtle wax and it worked great.Before I tutrle waxed it it was totally unridable, ice and snow immediately clung to the board but6 after the turtle was I was able to ride for the rest of the day without trouble. It doesn't work as well as specially formulated wax, but it helps to protect the wax on your board and extend the life of the wax job.

How do you hot wax a snowboard?

Snowboards need to be regularly waxed to keep the base running nice and fast. Applying a fresh coat of hot wax every few times you ride is ideal. Or if you notice that your board's base looks especially dry or seems to be running slow, now is a good time for a hot wax. There are four things you will absolutely need: * Wax: be sure to buy wax that is designed to be applied with a hot iron. There are plenty of choices, but a good all-temperature wax will work well in most snow conditions. * Scraper: pick this up at your favorite board shop along with the wax. Plastic or metal scrapers are both fine, just avoid really wide scrapers that are sometimes marketed for snowboards - they don't scrape as well as the smaller ones. * Iron: now might be a good time to invest in an iron designed especially for waxing skis and snowboards. These are smooth on the bottom and therefore apply a nice smooth coat of wax. Or you can go down to your nearest Salvation Army or Goodwill and pick up a used household iron for a few bucks. * Scotchbrite: these rough green pads are available at any grocery store next to the kitchen sponges. Some optional but helpful items: * Base Cleaner: if your snowboard's base is dirty, clean it using a base cleaner (find this at your board shop) and a rag before you hot wax it. * Vices: setting up a workbench makes tuning and waxing your board much easier. Vices are available that hold your snowboard in place while you work. Lets get started: 1. Drip Put down an old sheet or some newspaper to catch dripping wax. Then put your board base-up on your new vices (see optional items) or on some books. Plug in your iron and set it to a medium heat. It should be hot enough to readily melt the wax, but not so hot that the wax smokes. Hold the iron perpendicular to your snowboard with the pointed side down. Press the wax bar against the hot iron and hold it there. As the wax drips, move the iron up and down the base of your board until you have stripes of dripped wax 1 to 2 inches apart. Set the wax aside. 2. Iron Now iron in all that wax until the base of your board is fully covered. Keep the iron moving; leaving it in one area for too long can damage the snowboard. 3. Scrape Turn off the iron and wait 15 to 20 minutes for the wax to set and cool. Now grab the scraper and scrape off any excess wax in a nose to tail motion. Scraping away all the wax may sound counter-productive, until you realize that a hot wax actually opens up the pores in a snowboard's base where you want wax to go. Excess wax will only slow you down. 4. Buff After scraping, rub the scotchbrite pad in a nose to tail motion to take off the last of the wax and give your board a finishing touch. You are now ready to ride.

How much of the wax do you scrape off a snowboard base?

You want to scrape of almost all the wax leaving a thin coat.

What are some common snowboard accessories?

Some common snowboard accessories are goggles, snowboard wax, protective clothing such as suits and gloves, hats, instructional DVDs and helmets, they can be found in many stores.