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As of 2014, finals and other matches are available live online at the GaaGo service on the RTE website, which is a subscription service. The address is:

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Q: Can you watch the All-Ireland hurling final Tipperary v Kilkenny online?
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Ireland does not have post codes. For sending things to Kilkenny, you would finish the address with: Kilkenny, Ireland. On an internet form, just use IE as the code.

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Where do you get a hurley to play hurling?

If you are in Ireland, any good sports shop will have them. If you are outside of Ireland, it is a bit more difficult. You may be able to get them through a GAA club if there is one anywhere near you. Another option would be to buy one online. There are various sites that do them. One is given in the link below.

Where can you see a hurling game in August?

It is mainly played in Ireland. Hurling would not be well known in most countries in the world. It is one of Ireland's two national sports. However, as Irish people are found in many countries, wherever they are in large numbers GAA Clubs (Gaelic Athletic Association) are founded. GAA Clubs would also have Gaelic Football as part of their activities. As the Irish people are found in so many places, GAA competitions are held in many parts of the world, between local clubs. There are regional competitions in Britain, other parts of Europe, America, Asia and Australia. The All-Ireland Championships, which features teams from counties all around Ireland, also includes teams from London and New York. The London team won the 1901 All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship. Irish people at home and abroad follow their teams with great interest. Irish people abroad will often be seen wearing sports shirts which are in fact the shirts of their home county or local club. For the biggest matches of the year, Irish people abroad will often come together to watch matches on TV in Irish pubs or clubs in the countries that they are living in. With today's technology they can also watch or listen to matches online. The two biggest matches of the year, the All-Ireland Hurling Final and All-Ireland Football Final are played on two separate Sundays in September. On those two days Irish people all over the world will be endeavouring to see or listen to the matches. As Hurling and Gaelic Football are Ireland's two main national sports, the two finals are the biggest sporting events in Ireland every year.

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Ireland does not have postcodes. If you are writing to Ireland, you just put the address on it and finish with Ireland. If you are filling in a form on the internet and it asks for a code, it should accept IE.

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Kilkenny has recently been released to the US in select Pubs. I had it on draft at Buskers in Newport, RI (Twin City of Kinsale, Ireland) on 2/26/2010. Prior to this the closest I could obtain it was Canada. I recently had it at North45 in Portland, OR on 3/23/2010. Looks like they are finally having US wide distribution! Unfortunately, from what I can find, Kilkenny is not available in the US. I found one link someone suggested for online ordering from a beer distributor in Australia, but their site notes that they cannot ship Kilkenny internationally. Travel to Europe and savor it. I had it in England (only found it in one pub in the area I lived), and wish I could get it here. I understand Kilkenny ale was first introduced in the US in a pub in Washington, DC. in early 2010. It is now available in an Irish pub in Boulder, CO on tap. I haven't seen it in liquor stores yet as of April 11, 2010. It is now on tap at the Brockway Pub in Carmel, IN as of 5-13-10. In Rancho San Diego they have it on tap at Hooleys. 5-23-10 Also served downtown San Diego at both The Field and Dublin Square. 6-17-10 I had it in Little Italy in San Diego, CA at a bar called Princess Pub & Grille. 1665 India St. 6/19/2010 Definitely brought back memories! At MadDogs British Pub along the Riverwalk in San Antonio, TX 123-19 Lasoya St, San Antonio, TX 78205 (210) 222-0220 I linked their website. Kilkenny is also available at Fado in Downtown Chicago. 10/2010 (can be verified on their website) 100 West Grand Avenue Chicago, IL 60654-5206 Kilkenny is also available at both Nine Irish Brothers West Lafayette/Lafayette 119 Howard Avenue, West Lafayette Ind 3520 State Road 38 East, Lafayette Ind Also on tap at The Fox And Hounds 11100 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604 I linked their website. My fiancee and I have had it at Shenanigans pub in Ocean City, MD James Joyce pub & Mick O'Sheas in Baltimore, MD Brian Boru in Severna Park, MD has it. We (my NEC and I) enjoyed it tapped at Wood-n-Tap in Southington CT Kilkenney, Chowder, Bison Bites, Sweet Potato Fries The Chieftain 198 5th Street @ Howard San Francisco, CA 94103

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