Can you wash pads

Updated: 12/19/2022
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no you cant. well i guess you could try, but cant you just get a new one?

Before the advent of modern day sanitary protection it was perfectly normal to wash 'pads'. These were often pieces of rag, hence one of the somewhat vulgar terms for menstruation.
It is unfortunate that westernised youngsters only comments are 'yuk' or 'eeewwww',
the practice of washing 'pads' is still in use in many parts of the world and will continue for many years to come.

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Q: Can you wash pads
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Can you wash carpet pads in the washing machine?

No, because of the rubber.

How do you wash a 5 padded football girdle?

Take out all the pads and then wash the girdle just like any other clothing. When done put the pads back in the right pockets.

How do you wash the rock it 3.0 sticky pads?

You can get a drop of water on your finger and try to rub off the dirt. Sorry thats about it other than buying new pads for it

How to wash hockey goalie pads?

If you want to wash filth off the pads, simply take a wet/moist towel to them. If you would like to cure the odor, you could use a trustworthy product or a Smell Away machine. Use a locator to find a local Smell Away.

How can you get rid of acne in 6 days?

Oxy face wash and cleasing pads. almost overnight :) good luck

What is neutrogena wave?

Its a vibrating thing you put these cleansing pads with water activated soap in them. You use it to wash your face.

Can you wash gemeinhardt flute?

You can wash any flute if you were expecting to change all the pads on the flute. Otherwise the water could change how the pads cover the holes on the flute. In other words the pads should cover the holes completely in order for the flute to blow properly. If your concern is for the flute to be clean enough for another person to use it, usually you would be concerned with cleaning the headjoint, particularly the lip plate that touches the lower lip when you play the flute. Hope this helps.

Why pimples are appear on the face and its solution?

because your face is oily and dirty, so then the pores on your skin get cloged. and pimples appear on your face. the best thing to do it to wash your face daily, with warm water or a cleanser from a chemist.

You get both the factory pads and the velvet pads?

You get both the factory pads and the velvet pads

Why do brake pads squeak after replacing pads?

Why do brake pads squeak after replacing pads?

Can you wash a flute in a dishwasher?

NO! It destroys the pads! They're so expensive to replace, you'd basically ruin the whole thing! Never ever ever do that! -An experienced flute player

What kinds of pads do football players wear?

They wear many.... you have your basic shoulder pads, knee pads, hip pads,thigh pads tail bone pads and your cup.