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No, only streamline darts.

With some modification, other darts can be used.

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Q: Can you use whistler darts in the gun recon?
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What darts does the recon use?

Nerf Streamline Darts.

Is the Nerf velcro dart same as dart tag darts?

There are four basic types of Nerf darts: Clip System Whistler Suction Tagger Clip system darts (once called 'streamlined') are made to fit into any ammo clip for nerf blasters (longshot, longstrike, recon, alphatrooper, rayven). They are loaded into a clip or drum, which is inserted into the gun. A gun that uses a revolver-style or open drum will most likely use Whistler or Tagger darts (tagger darts have velcro for use with Nerf's Dart Tag vests). These include: Barricade, Maverick, Specter, or any of the dart tag line. Tagger/Whistler/Suction are generally interchangeable.

Can recon cs 6 use n strike elite streamline darts?

Perhaps this is just my Recon, but the N-Strike Elite darts jammed very frequently in the Recon.

Can recon cs6 use stick darts?

No it can only use streamlines.

How do you make a Nerf recon guns darts fly better?

Use brand new darts. Especially if its modded

Does Nerf drum mag hold whistler darts?

you actually use whistle darts in a stampede im not sure what the guns are u can use them on i think one is the nitefinder that's all

What does the Nerf recon use?

The Recon can only use the Streamline Darts that it comes packaged with. However, you can buy Streamline Dart refill packs for N-Strike blasters either online or at the store. I would not suggest using ANY other darts with the Nerf Recon, unless you enjoy unjamming guns, attempting to glue together broken darts, or re-buying your Nerf guns.

When I pull the trigger for a Nerf Recon CS-6 gun the dart doesn't come out-why?

Tech support question: have you cocked the gun? I will say that the Recon is a little awkward to get used to, as it may stop while you are pulling it back, or just feel like it's cocked back when it isn't. Another, less intuitive, answer is that you are using the wrong ammunition. The Recon can only use the kind of bullets it came with or the dart tag bullets. If you are using the standard suction-cup darts or the sonic darts, they will catch in the barrel and the dart will not come out.

Can nerf recon cs 6 use elite streamline darts properly please answer quickly because I have to buy them and people told me streamline darts arent as good as elite streamline darts please answer quick?

Luckily, Elite darts and Streamline darts are interchangeable and can both work with any clip system blaster, which means they will work with the Recon CS-6. The Elite darts do offer better performance though, so it's best to purchase them.

Can recon cs 6 use sonic micro darts?

No, I have tried to load it then stick the bullet in the front and it still does mot work.

Can you use velcro darts for N-strike Maverick?

Yes. Mavericks can fire (suction) Micro Darts, Whistler Darts, Dart Tag (velcro) darts, and the newest "Elite" darts. The only commonly-available darts that Mavericks are not compatible with are the "streamline" darts, the ones designed for the clip-fed, non-Elite N-Strike guns (they look like Elite darts, with tapered orange tips, but have orange rather than blue bodies). This is because the holes in streamline darts don't go as deep as with the other darts, and therefore can't be pushed into a Maverick's barrel as far as it needs to go.

Can you use Nerf ammo on Nerf's big bad bow?

This depends on the type of ammunition. If you are referring to Whistler Darts/Micro Darts, then no. The Big Bad Bow is the last in the line of arrow-firing blasters, and so it fires arrows and not the typical darts you see in every store. It is, with some simple modifications, compatible with them however.