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If you mean the balance board yes. The Tony Hawk ride board no

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Q: Can you use the wii skateboard for the Skate It game?
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Is Skate it for Wii a good game?

It is very interactive, which makes it great, you can use the wii balance board as a skateboard, and you can flick the wii remote to to tricks like ollies, kickflips, varials, etc. It is definetely a good game.

What other games wii use the balance board?

That new Skate it game is gonna be able to use the board, also wii music can use it.

Do you need a skateboard on Tony Hawk ride wii?

Yes you do. I see them for about 24 dollars. The skate board hooks to your wii fit. It is pretty cool.

What are some skateboarding games?

if you have a ds or wii then skate it is a great game. and for xbox360 and ps2 there is skate it, skate 2, and skate 3.

How do you hook up skateboard to Wii?

how do you hook up a skateboard to your Nintendo wii

Can you use the wii classic controler on skate it?

it depends look on thr back of the case that the game came in at the top it says what kind of remotes are compaibale

How do you turn off the skate board peripheral on Tony Hawk RIDE for Wii?

When you turn off the wii the skateboard stays on because the dongle is still powered on via the USB port. The first blue LED on the skateboard will still be lit which means the board is still on. This will kill your batteries. To power off the board, load the game then disconnect the dongle. The four blue LEDs on the skateboard will flash for about 15 seconds then the board will power off. You can also move the board out of range for a minute or so and it turns off itself

When does skate it for the Wii come out?

Skate It for the Wii comes out 12/30/2008.

Is Skate 3 on the Wii U?

Skate 3 is not available on the Wii U.

Do you need Wii Fit to play Skate It for Wii?

no you do not need the wii balance board to play skate it it is optional

How do you turn on the skate board on Tony Hawk RIDE for Wii?

hit the power button on the skateboard and take off the thing you hook up to the back of the doesn't work trust me!!!!!!!!!!

Do you need a balance board for skate it on Wii?

no you do not need one but it makes the game play easier if you have one

Will Skate 2 ever come out for wii?

not as far as i know, they did make a Wii version though. called Skate It. it is possible that a Skate It 2 may come out.

Do I need to buy games to use the wii fit balance board?

Um the balance board come with wii fit but there is a games called skate it for the wii that is wii balance board compatible

How do you get Skate 2 for Wii?

It was never made for the wii.

Is skate it 2 going to come out on Wii?

They made a Wii version of skate 2. called Skate it. it is placed between Skate and Skate 2 on a timeline. its just after the "Disaster-too-gnarly-to-be-named" happens, but not late enough for San Vanelona to be rebuilt.

Can you use the Wii fit with out the Wii game system?


Can you use the Wii balance board with Wii resort game?

no, you cannot use the wii balance board with wii sports resort.

Does skate 2 come on Wii?

no only on ps3 and xbox 360 wii only has skate it

What is Nintendo Wii use for?

The Nintendo Wii's use is for entertainment. It is a game console.

Can you use the Wii speak channel to use Wii speak or do you need a game that runs Wii speak?

You don't need a game that uses Wii speak. As long as you have Wii speak and kept the Wii ticket number, you can go to the Wii Shop Channel and downoad it.

Where is lucas puig in skate it Wii?

Paris France. When you unlock Paris you get to skate with him.

Do you need Wii to use Wii fit?

Yes you definitely need the Wii game console in order to use the game disc that comes with Wii Fit. Without it, there is nothing to play. Hope that helps!

Can you play Wii games with a Wii U gamepad?

No. In order to play a Wii game, you must enter Wii Mode where you must use a Wii Remote. The Wii U Gamepad will not control a Wii Game

Can you use the Wii motion plus on any Wii game?