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No, paintball co2 is much higher pressure.

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Q: Can you use the same co2 tank for paintball and sodamaker?
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Does the jt cybird paintball gun work without a co2 tank?

No paintball gun will work without a CO2 tank or other propellant tank. without Co2 there is nothing to push the ball out of the barrel.

Where do remote coils for paintball guns attach to on the paintball gun?

Where the air tank or co2 tank normally attaches

Can you use a ca tank for your paintball gun if it came with a co2 tank?

There is no such thing as a "CA" tank.

How old do you have to be to buy Co2 tank for paintball in pa?


Why do you need co2 for a paintball gun?

CO2, stored in the tank is highly pressurized. The paintball being shot is caused by it being pushed out by the rapidly expanding gas. CO2 also cycles and reloads the next paintball.

Do you have to have a bulk CO2 tank for paintball?

No I went 4 hours straight on just a 9oz. tank

Do you need a certain co2 tank for the ATS Azodin paintball gun?

No, any tank will work.

How can you take CO2 out of a paintball gun after it breaks?

unscrew the tank, this will vent any co2 that is in the marker out the asa

How do you check to see if a CO2 tank for a paintball gun still has CO2?

You cannot unless you have a gauge installed, or know the exact weight of the tank.

Do you need to get a paintball co2 tank to fire the brass eagle paintball gun or can you just pull back the knob?

you need Co2 to fire any paintball gun, it is what physically moves the ball out of the barrel.

What store can you refill a co2 tank for a paintball gun in Vancouver Wa?

Dicks, any paintball shop, and Gander Mt.

How do you disconnect the co2 from the paintball gun without it wasting?

You cant, the CO2 that is in the marker is vented out when you take the tank off.