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Q: Can you use story of twins to deceive someone?
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When can having too many personae be problematic?

When you use different personae to misrepresent yourself

How do you use deceive in a sentence?

You could say It was hard to deceive the teacher about that lie.

How do you use the word deceive in a sentence?

Do not deceive me, unless you want respect and honesty in return.

What is Odysseus known for?

Guilecraft: shrewdness as demonstrated by being skilled in deceptioncraftiness: the quality of being craftytrickery: the use of tricks to deceive someone

Who are twins in the Cullen family?

Jasper and Rosalie pretend to be twins - adopted by the Carlisle & Esme. In the novel, they look enough alike and close enough in age to use the twin story as part of their cover story.

How do you use narrative in a sentence?

A narrative is a story that you write or tell to someone

When do you use onomonopiea?

It is not "onomonopiea" It's "onomatopoeia". We use it when we want to compare someone or something with another thing such as "It was as silent as a graveyard" or "The two twins are alike as two peas".

What title should i use for my story?

That depends on the what the story is about, the style, the mood, and the objective. Do you want to teach something, shock someone, make someone laugh, or make the reader think?

What words can you use to desceive a song?

Are you trying to say deceive? If so, then it depends on the song.

Why do twins play the same character?

Babies and young children are allowed on camera a certain number of minutes in a scence/story so they use twins so the baby looks the same, they meet the needs of the law, and they can keep filming using a child.

How do you use chicanery in a sentence?

Everyone knew the congressman was up to some chicanery in his actions during the party.

How do you use dissembling?

we are so used to dissembling with others that in time we come to deceive and dissemble with ourselves