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Q: Can you use skateboard bearings for rollerblade wheels?
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How do you clean skateboard bearings?

Use WD-40 i use it on my scooter bearings and they are the same as skateboard bearings as well if you want them to go faster soak them in the stuff for 2 days and then dry with a towel

Can you use skateboard bearings on a bike?

Nope I have tried that it does not work

Which skateboard tool do you use to remove wheels?


How do you remove bearings from a skateboard wheel?

put your wheel half way in your the pointy thingy on you r trucks where you put you wheels and bend it so your bearings can come out or you can use a screw driver but the best way to get it out is the trucks way

How do you connect skateboard wheels to a piece of wood?

If you are talking about wheels to a deck, use trucks.

Can you use skateboard wheels on a ripstick?

It is a bad idea to ripstick and skateboard wheels are very different but i don't know if it would work but it probably wouldn't.

Can you use any trucks and wheels for a skateboard?

Most trucks and wheels will fit on any deck.

What are the best bearings to use on a skateboard?

Bones Swiss but they're expensive but they're worth it

Can you use long board bearings on a skateboard?

yes... unless if they are bearings for the bear trucks with the larger axle... but those are not standard on anything, even higher end longboards use standard bearings.

Are skateboard bearings universal?

Pretty much. Most skateboards, quads, inlines and scooters use the same industry standard "608" sized bearings.

Can you put Ryan sheckler sawbalde bearings in longboard wheels?

If the trucks use 8mm bearings (probably do, most of them do) then yes.

How do you curve on a skateboard?

by "curve" do you mean turn with out lifting up the front wheels? to do this use your feet and legs to tilt the skateboard, but not so much that one side lifts up. This will turn the skateboard.

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