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Q: Can you use puma shoes for skating?
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What logo has a puma?

Puma shoes

Are all puma shoes runnung shoes?

no you can get speficially designed puma shoes for other sports or for 'sport' in particular

Which is better puma shoes or vinking shoes?

vinking shoes

Where can you get a good collection of puma shoes?

i think Famous Footwear, Journeys, Or even DSW shoes are greeat places to find puma shoes :)

Are Osiris shoes good for street skating?

I would use vans or dc shoes for street skating especially if you are wanting to get serious about it. also nike makes a good street shoe. but it is really what is comfortable with you and what you are comfortable skating in. but all these shoes have a different grip so pick the one that you really are comforable skating in.

Where can a person purchase affordable Puma shoes for women?

The cheapest way to get affordable Puma shoes for women is to check the Thrift store. They stock a variety of Puma shoes for both men and women for cheap prices.

Are PUMA shoes worth buying?

Depends.if yourun - asicsdance- pumaworkout - puma or asics or nikebike- puma

Why are puma shoes imported from another country?

This is because the puma shoes are manufactured in another country so they have to be imported so that you can have them

Do my DCs count as proper skateboard shoes?

dude dcs are awesome skating shoes. hey i use them ahah.

Are Supra Vaider shoes skating shoes?

They can be

Are women's PUMA shoes in fashion right now?

Women's Puma shoes are always in fashion and provide great support for running.

Is puma involved in making shoes with offensive slogans against Islam?

Puma has never put anything other on its shoes than a jumping puma. Apart from that, the brand is widely sold in Islamic countries, so Puma would not even consider putting anything offensive on their shoes or in their adverts.