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Q: Can you use indoor soccer shoes for shot put?
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Would you like to have my indoor soccer shoes?

No, I do not want to have your indoor soccer shoes but you can put an ad up online to see if anybody would like to buy your indoor soccer shoes on kijiji or craigslist

What is the Weight of high school girls indoor shot put?

3 kg

Does wearing a different type of soccer cleat really affect your shot?

yes i think it does, i wear my nike shoes and the ball wetn mostly flat. but the new yellowish predetors really put a umph on the ball

Where can you practice throwing shot put and discus indoors?

If you have a local gymnasium with an indoor basketball court you can set mats on the floor to throw shotput on. Discuss isn't as big a problem because they are sold as rubber.If you have a highschool or a gym with the baseball nets that come down. Perfect for throwing discus in to and even shot put as long as the floor is protected in some way.A sports center sometimes has a shot put area or possibly a sand volleyball pit. Both of which you could throw shot put into. Discus would probably have to be on an indoor football field.

Why are there converse shoes in the movie Marie Antoinette?

The shoes were put in the shot purposefully to portray Marie-Antoinette as a typical teenage girl, despite the time she lived in.

What is record holders shot put for female?

Outdoor: 22.63 m - Natalya Lisovskaya (1987) Indoor: 22.50 m - Helena Fibingerova (1977)

What colors are the shot put balls?

A shot put can be any color. Usually indoor shots are red or yellow, while outdoor shots, since they are made of metal, tend to just be the color of the metal it is made of, since painted outdoor shots lose their color fast.

Has Valerie Vili won a metal?

{| ! style="background-color: rgb(176, 196, 222)" colspan="3" | Valerie Vili Medal record |} {| ! colspan="3" | Olympic Games |} Gold 2008 Beijing Shot put {| ! colspan="3" | World Championships |} Gold 2007 Osaka Shot putBronze 2005 Helsinki Shot put {| ! colspan="3" | World Indoor Championships |} Gold 2008 Valencia Shot put {| ! colspan="3" | Commonwealth Games |} Gold 2006 Melbourne Shot putSilver 2002 Manchester Shot put

How many medals does Valerie Vili have?

Valerie Vili has won one Olympic medal, that being gold in the 2008 Games in women's shot put. She also won gold, in women's shot put, in the 2008 World Indoor Championships, 2007 World Championships, and 2006 Commonwealth Games.

What are the skills for indoor soccer?

It's mostly the same as outdoor soccer but with a few differences in the rules. Also the pitch is way smaller.Indoor Soccer RulesThere are many indoor soccer rules and knowing all of them is not necessary for playing indoor soccer. However, it is a good practice to learn the most essential ones as it will surely help you understand the indoor game better. Let's start…The team - Most indoor soccer matches are played with 6 players per team. One of this six needs to be a goalkeeper.Offside - In indoor soccer, the offside rule doesn't exist. With other words, you may stand in your opponent's penalty kick area and wait for the ball. In fact, this is a strategy that is pretty efficient especially for contra attacks.The Field - Most indoor soccer fields are rectangular or oblong in shape with artificial turf surface. The game can also be played on basketball courts. Goals are generally recessed into the walls. They are also smaller than the regular outside soccer goals.Equipment - You need to wear your teams uniform and have shin guards & indoor shoes. Jewelry and other accessories are not allowed. If you areplaying as goalkeeper you should wear colors that are easy to distinguish you from all other players plus the referees.Free kick - If the ball hits the roof, a free kick is awarded to the opposite team. The free kick must be taken from the place where it hit the roof.Corner kicks - A corner kick is awarded to your team when the ball hits the netting above your opponents goal. A good strategy to take advantage of corner kicks is to kick the ball with power at your opponent's goal. With little luck the ball will touch someone and find a way into the goal.Don't slide tackle - Slide tackling is not allowed in indoor soccer. You should avoid executing sliding tackles because you will burn your skin and I can tell you that it really hurts! Sliding is dangerous because the walls of the indoor field are pretty hard. If you don't know what you are doing you may injure both yourself and your opponent seriously. Avoid sliding tackles whatever you do.The ball - For leagues that play on hard surface the ball is usually covered with sued or similar non marking covering. This type of ball will not bounce so much and will be easier to control.The crease - There are indoor leagues that enforce a special zone inside the goalkeeper box that is called the crease. Remember that you can'tshoot the ball from inside the crease unless you have entered the crease already having the ball at your feet.

Is shot put expensive?

Put a shot in the put & mix it on ep!

How does sports make your school healthy?

Soccer rugby cricket American football swimming dancing and athletics sport such as long distance running and shot put