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If you are referring to inline hockey skates, then yes you can use then for general street skating. I would highly suggest that you purchase an extra set of wheels that are harder for street use. Most inline hockey skates have indoor wheels and they will wear down fast skating on a hard surface. You will need wheels with a hardness (durometer) of 80A or higher.

It is not that difficult to change out the wheels, just need a skate tool.

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Q: Can you use hockey skates for general street skating?
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What are the advantages of ice hockey compared to street hockey?

Pros: You can turn quicker, You have more power on your shot, You use less energy because your gliding instead of running, skates give you more height for better checking.

What equipment are needed in hockey?

Depends what type of hockey you're playing. Minimum for ice hockey: Shoulder pads, gloves, shin guards, elbow pads, a helmet, breezers, hockey socks (to cover shin guards) ice skates, compression shorts that will hold a cup or a jockstrap and a cup, a hockey stick, ice hockey skates For roller, all of the same except: No shoulder pads, roller hockey pants and an inline girdle instead of breezers, no hockey socks, roller hockey skates instead of ice hockey skates For ice hockey goalie: Goalie pants, a goalie groin protector and cup, a monkey suit, leg pads, a goalie helmet with a throat protector (preferably), goalie ice hockey skates, a goalies glove, a blocker, and a goalies stick For roller hockey goalie: Same as ice hockey goalie except roller hockey goalie skates For ice hockey: An ice rink with nets on both sides of the rink and a puck For roller hockey: A roller rink with nets on both sides of the rink and a roller puck (yes, they are different from ice picks. They're made to reduce friction and slide better on floors.) For street hockey: Some sort of net, a ball or puck, and a stick I think I covered a good portion of it. If I missed anything, I apologize. It's a great sport, have fun!

Is a 8.25 ok for street skating?

Sure, it all depends what your comfortable skating on.

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Field Hockey Floor Hockey Indoor Hockey - Field Hockey Indoors Mini Hockey - Field Hockey with a minimum of 5 players on each team including Goalkeeper. Ice hockey Sledge Hockey (sled hockey in the us) - Same as ice hockey except made for people with physical disabilities Boot Hockey - Played like ice hockey but players slide on the ice using boots instead of skates Inline hockey (Single Bladed Weels) Roller Hockey (Quad Wheels) Street hockey - (played the same as ice hockey with the same gear (excluding inline skates) but usually on a street or other paved area [not recommended to play in traffic]) Unicycle Hockey UniHoc - Played with plastic sticks (both sides flat) and plastic hollow ball as an introduction to hockey also known as FloorBall or Floor Hockey Bandy - in some ways field hockey on ice PowerHockey - a form of hockey played in electric wheelchairs for disabled people Underwater Hockey - played underwater Shinty - Scottish from of hockey played in the highlands Hurling or Camogie - there are some resembalance to Hockey I dont think i missed any... please fix it if i did

Is a puck used in ice hockey?

Yes, and posssibly in street hockey (balls are more commenly used in street hockey though).

Where to buy ice skates in London?

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