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Q: Can you use danish oil instead of linseed oil?
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Can you use linseed oil as a varnish?

Linseed oil is used in oil paint, in putty and in wood finish. It is also used in the making of linoleum. Unprocessed linseed oil can be used as a nutritional supplement because it contains omega-3 fatty acids.

Why do you have to use linseed oil to knock in a bat?

We use linseed oil because it soaks into the the bat and makes it moist and knocking in becomes much easier but make sure to use raw linseed oil and not boiled linseed oil. The bat does not soak boiled linseed oil. Raw linseed oil not only increases the life of the bat but also makes the performance of the bat better.

Can you use coconut oil to oil a cricket bat?

No - linseed oil

What are some uses for linseed oil?

Linseed oil is a product of the flax plant. Linseed oil has both medicinal and household uses Woodworkers use linseed oil to preserve and protect finished wood products. It can even be used to treat wood floors.

Can you use a latex stain over linseed oil?

Dont mix linseed oil and latex primer. Latex = Waterbased, Linseed Oil = Oil based Don't mix oil and water, unless you are making salad dressing.

Is chain oil good to use on wood decks?

No, use heated mineral oil or linseed oil, or a polyurethane sealer.

What do you mix with linseed oil to protect interior wood?

Linseed oil is old tech. I would not use it unless it was a very specialized application where you were going for a particular oiled look, or if the wood were something like teak (where u would use teak oil only). Use a readily available deck sealer.

Can you use raw linseed oil to clean leather?

Yes. Cleaning with it can be done by including one part vinegar. Conditoning the leather can be done by simply using the linseed oil.

Can you use linseed oil on horse bridals?

Linseed oil is not really good for bridles, you should stick to a commercial tack conditioner/oil like Lexol, they make a regular conditioner and a neatsfoot compound.

Can linseed oil be used to seal concrete?

Linseed oil is a traditional PRESERVATIVE and has been used for centuries for concrete, masonry, wood and metal. You would mix it 1 parts linseed to 2 parts turpentine (not mineral spirits), but the mixture would vary. You want to used boiled linseed oil, not raw linseed oil (check the label). Note this is not a SEALANT but a preservative- if you are doing your garage or basement floor, try something else! Also be careful- the tools and rags you use can spontaneously combust (i.e.: burst into flame, no kidding!) when being used with linseed oil. Check the Wikipedia page for details under "Linseed Oil"

What do you use linseed oil for?

It is also used to start spontanious combustion fires. The raw oil is worse than the boiled linseed oil. DO NOT leave rags "balled up", they can ignite in less than a day. Be Careful!

Can you use linseed oil on redwood?

Traditionally use of Linseed oil on redwood has been discouraged due to mold problems caused by its molecular makeup when used on redwood. However, there are a number of commercially manufactured solutions on the market (such as marine varnish or even tung oil).