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Chlorine is not compatible with Baquacil. Baquacil is hydrogen peroxide and will cause a reaction. Most times the water turns green and throws off all of the other readings. If CL is accidentally added the Baquacil product to remove it is called Baquacil Chlorine Neutralizer.

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Q: Can you use cholorine in a baquacil pool?
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How do you measure the chlorine in a baquacil pool?

You do not measure the Chlorine in a Baquacil pool because they are incompatible.

Is there a way to change a baquacil pool to a chlorine pool?

If you read the directions from baquacil you will find that yes you can indeed change from baquacil to chlorine. It is extremely important that you use up all the baquacil product and eliminate it from your pool prior to adding the chlorine. I have successful changed over two different systems and chlorine is much less expensive.

What do you do to not have a green pool while waiting to switch from cholorine to baquacil?

There really should not be too much of a problem when switching from CL to Baquacil. You just have to wait until the CL reading is down to zero and then start adding the products. The sun disepates the CL so quickly it should only take a couple days at most.

Why does your pool turn green now that you switched from baquacil to chlorine?

The only reason the pool would turn green would be if the Baquacil is not entirely out of the pool and it reacts with the Chlorine.

Foam in a baquacil pool?

Foam in a pool that uses Baquacil can have a leak in return hose. It can also be the result of putting too much product in the pool. You should check the chemical levels in the pool.

Is there a way to change your Baquacil pool to chlorine without changing the sand or having to drain it?

No, you have to replace the sand in your pool filter; otherwise, it will be feeding Baquacil back into the pool all year giving you water problems. Besides which, Baquacil gums up the sand. So, you should replace your sand every year with Baquacil anyways.

What kind of mixture is swimming pool water?


The pH on my pool is low and as I use baquacil what should I add to it?

You would be safest using Baquacil pH Increaser, which is a high purity, highly active dry alkaline product used to raise pool pH. In non-Baquacil pool water, both Soda Ash and Hydrochloric acid are used to raise pH levels. Pool shops are a good place to seek advice also.

Where can you buy Baquacil?

Baquacil pool care systems try following the link below

Will SoftSwim by Baquacil harm a plaster pool?


When your pool water gets out of balance when using Baquacil do you have go the pool center or can you adjust it yourself?

If you have Baquacil Test Strips then going to the Pool Center would not be necessary, you can just do it yourself and adjust the readings.

What is the best non chlorine pool cleaner?

Our kids have sensitive skin (eczema and such), so we switched to Baquacil. We love it. It's easy to use and test. No alergies from it. fyi...If you switch from a chlorine pool to baquacil, you have to replace the sand in your pump..or it will gum up.

What is the rust color dust in your baquacil pool?


Can you use baquacil in a hot tub?

Not recommended, Baquacil is a swimming pool, hydrogen peroxide (Potassium) based chemical. Baqua Spa is the recommended (Potassium) based spa chemical.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of baquicil?

I have been using Baquacil for 18 years in an in-ground pool. I used chlorine in an above ground pool prior. The cost difference is obvious. Starting off new, Baquacil is very expensive. As the years go on, the cost of the sanitizer drops dramatically because of the baquacil buildup in the water. You dont have the chlorine smell and the eye burning. I recommend washing the baquacil from your hair since the hair tends to get heavy after swimming. Foaming is also a problem with baquacil. I still prefer baquacil and intend to use it after I install a new liner next year.

How do you switch from Baquacil to chlorine without draining the pool?

ask pool dealer about chemical additive made by baquacil that eats the chlorine-i cant remember what its called; however, i know they have it because Ive used it. Initially, I had to use it to start up my pool when I first got it. Then, I thought chlorine may be cheaper-had SOOO MANY problems it was unreal. Switching back to baquacil now-about to run to the pool store and get me some of that same chemical I told you about! FYI-I love baquacil. Test weekly-add more chemicals once every 2 weeks-maybe-how much easier can you get??

Can you mix chlorine with baquacil?

Baquacil is completely imcompatible with Chlorine and usually the water will instantly turn green, you can use the Baquacil Chlorine Neutralizer to help disepate the CL out.

How do i fix a cloudy water baquacil pool that has just recovered from water mold?

As a result of the business I am in I have been sent a letter from some one that had a lot of trouble with his baquacil pool that you may find helpful. I shall put it in the discus section of this answer.

Instead of using an automatic chlorine tablet dispenser can you use add liquid pool cholorine?

As long as you keep your pH and your chlorine at the proper level it should not matter what technique you use.

When can you swim after putting baquacil oxidizer?

Some sources state that you can swim within fifteen minutes of adding baquacil to the pool. It is usually recommended however, to wait around an hour.

How long does it take for us to get in a pool if you put acid?

only about an hour if you are using baquacil

How do you change pool water from baquacil to chlorine?

Honestly, the best thing to do is drain the pool and start from scratch with the chlorine. Been there, done that.

What happens if you put chlorine in a baquacil pool?

Baquacil and Chlorine are not compatible and if added will turn the water green and throw off all of the other readings. The product that can be used to fix this is called Baquacil Chlorine Neutralizer. You also have to change the sand in your pump, or it will gum up

When opening a pool how do you switch from Baquicil to chlorine?

Baquacil and chlorine are not compatible, pool must be emptied. Sand on your filter changed or cartridge replaced.

What do you need to use if your pool has an oil-like substance plus foam?

This sounds like a problem that is common with baquacil, go to discus on this page and the info may be helpful to you

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