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it may be a snug fit but it is doable

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Q: Can you use bmx grips as dirt bike grips?
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What can you use a bmx bike for?

freestyle, dirt, street

Will bmx grips go on a mountain bike?

Depends on the diameters of the bars. Usually, but not always, they're the same and can use the same grips.

What is cycling bmx?

It is cycling a bmx.. A bmx is a small bike with a low seat, the whole bike itself is small which is ideal for doing stunts, they have stunt pegs and grips and small gripped wheels, they have wide bars, type "BMX" in google images to see what they look like, people use them for hobbies of doing dirt track ramps and stunts ans ramps and skateparks.

What is the best street bmx bike for use on dirt you can get for around 350 Australian dollars?


What is better a bmx bike or a dirt bike?

That's a bit like asking if a burger is better than a banana split. They're different bikes, menat for slightly different uses. The bike that fits the kind of use you prefer will be the better bike. dirt bikes are somewhat bigger, so they'll ride a little faster. A BMX will be more manouverable.

How do you dry bike grips?

Use An Air Compressor!

Should you start on a dirt bike or street bike?

That depends on what you are using it for. Obviously, if you are dirt biking, you should use a dirt bike, and otherwise use a street bike. Start out with what you are going to use the most - dirt (freestyle) or street racing.

What bmx pro use a magna invader?

I don't think a pro would use a £80 Bmx bike lol

What type of bike to use for triathlon race?

A bike to use in a triathlon would be either a mountain bike or a ten speed street bike depending on the riding, do not use a bmx bike or you will be sorry.

How are the BMX bike ramps made?

BMX bike ramps are usually made out of material such as chrome or aluminum. They have to be durable enough for multiple people to use them at the same time.

Should you buy a BMX or a Jump bike?

it matters what you are going to use it for

Can you use mountain bike cranks on a bmx bike?

Yes, if you can find the correct bottom bracket for the frame.