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No, you can only use the tee on your tee shot on every hole. Your tee shot is any shot that is hit from the designated tee box, and the teeing are is defined by the two tee markers. If you need to hit a provision shot from the tee box, you may use a tee. But you can not use a tee from anywhere else.

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Q: Can you use a tee for any shot?
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Can you use a golf tee in the fairway?

No, you can only use a tee for a tee shot, which is a shot which is taken from the designated teeing area. The teeing area is defined by the two tee markers. You can not use a tee anywhere but the teeing area. If you do you are deemed to have improved your lie, which carries a two shot penalty.

Can you use a tee in the fairway?

No, you can only use a tee in the teeing area, when you hit your tee shot. You may not tee your ball up again during that hole.

Can one use a tee after one tees off?

After you have hit your tee shot, the next time you can tee up a ball is the next hole, unless you need to hit a provisional tee shot.

If a hit a tee shot out of bounds and you lose your ball Are you playing your 4th shot from the tee?

Player who hit "ob" is hitting 3 from the tee. If lose your ball on the tee shot you must return to the tee and re-tee hitting your 3rd shot.

Can a tee be used on second shot off the tee after an ob?

yes as long as your shot that went ob was on the tee.

How do you know the order in which you would golf in your foursome in the following situations off the tee on the green and in the fairway?

In foursomes it is quite simple, one player hits the tee shot on the odd holes, the other hits the tee shot on the even holes. Imagine two players A and B. On hole 1- A hits tee shot, B hits 2nd shot, A hits 3rd shot, B hits 4th shot etc. On hole 2- B hits tee shot, A hits 2nd shot, B hits 3rd shot, A hits 4th shot. If A hits the tee shot OB, then B hits the provisional tee shot, then A hits what would be the 4th shot.

Second shot from a tee box?

If you just hit a ball out of bounce from the tee box or if you don't know if you did you can call for a provisional ball. You would hit your second shot from the tee box "your provisional shot" and see if you can find the first ball. If you can't and your provisional ball is in play then you have play provisional ball and you accrue a 1 shot penalty stroke also. If you find your first shot off of the tee then you pick up your provisional ball and play your first tee shot. No penalty if you find your first tee shot and you can play it. So, the second shot from the tee box would be considered a provisional shot.

What is the first shot on a par three hole?

The first shot on a par three, just like the first shot on any hole is called the tee shot. There is no special name for it.

What is the first stoke that is played off the tee-off box?

A tee shot.

How many times can you tee a ball up?

You may only tee the ball up when you are on the teeing area, hitting a tee shot. This is usually once per hole for each hole. However, if you hit a ball out of bounds you must hit another shot from where you hit the previous shot from, so you may tee the ball up. Also, if you hit a tee shot and can't find the ball you must go back to the tee and you can again tee it up.

What is a tee shot?

A tee shot in its simplest form is the first shot on every hole in a round of golf. It is where a stroke is played from the designated teeing area, as defined by two tee markers. Where the two tee markers are placed a player must tee the ball in between them and they have the option of going up to two club lengths behind them, but never in front of them. A tee does not have to be used.

If you hit the ball out of bounds on your initial tee shot and decide to tee up again are you hitting three or four?

Your second tee shot will be your third stroke. So it takes you 3 strokes to get of the tee blocks, hence the saying "3 off the tee"

What is the tee?

The tee is an area of a golf course, usually raised and closely mown, where it is designated that players must hit their tee shot from.

What is a golfers first shot called?

tee off

Do you have to use a tee when hitting from the tee box?

No, but that is what the TEE BOX is for.

What is the name of the first shot on a golf hole?

It would be called the tee shot or drive.

Are golf tee-markers a movable obstruction?

You may not move the markers on your tee box for your tee shot. This would result in a 2 stroke penalty. However if after your tee shot, your ball lies near a marker you may move it and replace it in the same location after your stroke.

Are you required to use a tee on the tee blocks?


If you lose your golf ball out of bounds how many strokes are you penalised?

It is a one shot penalty and you must replay the shot. Some 1- off the tee ( out of bounds), 2- penalty shot, 3- off the tee, the next shot is 4.

What is the penalty for losing your ball of your tee shot?

2 strokes

How many stroke penalty for hitting another tee shot?

Technically speaking, none. A player has the right to decide whether or not his or her ball is unplayable, so there is always the option of claiming an unplayable lie and re-teeing. The penalty is for declaring the ball unplayable, not hitting another tee shot, although the second tee shot is the player's third shot.

A golfer's first shot is from where?

A golfers first shot on every hole and at the beginning of the round is at the tee box

What if a player hits his ball in the woods off the tee?

When they arrive in the area they believe the ball is they have five minutes to find it. If they can't find it, the ball is declared lost and another ball must be played from the tee, the tee shot will now be the third shot.

How many strokes for hitting a golf ball out of bounds?

There is a one stroke penalty and you must replay the shot from the same position, or as close as possible to original position. Simply, you stand on the tee, you hit your tee shot out of bounds (1), you take your penalty stoke (2) and replay the shot from the tee (3) so when you get down the fairway your next shot is your 4th.

What is a hole-in-one?

It is getting the ball into the hole from the tee in one shot.