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You can use a range ball on the Golf course, but they are usually low quality two piece balls and not very good, and it may be frowned upon by your playing partners.

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Q: Can you use a range ball on a golf course?
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What would you use to measure the diameter of a golf ball?

its a golf ball

What's the difference between basketball and golf?

In basketball you use a larger ball, a court, a backboard, a net, and you play in 2 teams. In golf you use a much smaller ball, a course, golf clubs, a hole in the grass, and its every man for themselves.

How do you use the word skillful in a sentence?

The man I met at the golf course was very skillful at driving the ball.

What do you use to hit a ball in golf?

a golf club

What do you use to hit a golf ball?

Golf club

Do you use golf nets to cover your golf clubs when not in use?

Golf nets are not used to cover your golf clubs when not in use. Golf nets are used to stop the golf ball after you hit it. It is like a background stop for the golf ball. There are golf nets for indoor and outdoor use.

Is there a difference range golf balls and regulator golf balls?

Possibly. Many golf clubs and driving ranges use "limited flight" balls. This requires less space for the actual range itself. The "range ball" is designed in such a way (with shallower dimples) that prevents it from flying as far as a "standard" flight golf ball. Range balls also typically have a harder cover, making the ball more durable (but less forgiving and further decreasing its flight). Ask the pro at the club or an employee at the range, and they should be able to tell you what kind of ball is used (limited or regular flight).

What golf ball does Fred couples use?

Bridgestone Golf Tour B330 golf ball. He won three Champions Tour events in a row with this ball.

How do you hit golf ball?

You use a club.

Is the noodle golf ball a good ball to use is warm weather?


Why do they use a giant golf ball for Epcot?

It's not a giant golf ball it's a Icosahedron or a geodesic dome.

What sport uses a tee?

Golf! In golf, you use the tee, to set your ball on it, then you hit the ball with your selected club.

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