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No. Completely different types of rackets, balls, and even the court is vastly different.

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Q: Can you use a racketball racket for squash?
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What two games were combined to form the sport of racketball?

The two games that were combined to form the sport of "racketball" were squash and handball. BTW "racket ball" is actually "racquetball." Remember that!

What sports can men and women play together?

They can play tennis together, badminton, squash, racketball. Pretty much all racket sports.

What is the world's most popular racket sport?


In which sports do player use a racket?

Tennis, squash, and racket ball

What is the biggest racket?

a tennis racket is bigger than a squash and badminton racket.

Can you play squash with a tennis racket?

no of course tennis is a game and squash is a different game for each sport there is a racket

What is the best squash-ball racket?


Why do you use a squash ball for squash?

squash is a racket and BALL sport.. so you kind of need a ball to play. its like saying 'why do you need a tennis ball to play tennis?' :) xx

What is the sport of squash in France?

It is a game similar to racket ball. You play with a ''flat'' ball and a racket.

What is the best squash racket?

i recomend the prince 03 tour squash racket it has a very nice feel and is meant to be one of the best rackets in the world i have 4 of them and they are great!

Is racquetball an English sport?

Yes, racquetball is an English sport, though it is more played in the United States. In England it is spelled "racketball" and is becoming one of the most popular indoor racket sports in the country. Squash is still more popular, but racquetball is a growing sport and is popular with people of all ages as it is not as demanding on the body-joints as squash is.

What is the dimension of a racketball?

A racketball is 3-dimensional.

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