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No, a kicking block is only allowed in high school and levels below that.

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Q: Can you use a kicking block for extra points in college football?
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If you block an extra point in the NFL and return it will you get any points?

You do not get extra points for blocking an extra point attempt. Points in football can only be scored by action in the end zone. First, the above answer is incorrect, as points scored by kicking the ball through the uprights do not involve "action in the end zone." Second, in college football you ARE awarded two points if the defense blocks an extra point and returns it all the way across the opposing goal line in one play. But in high school or the NFL, blocked PATs are immediately ruled dead.

Does a college kicker use a kicking tee for field goals?

A college kicker uses a one inch block (which has a flat surface and is just used to get the ball higher off the ground) to kick extra points and field goals, but the ball stila has to be held by another player. A kicker does use a tee for kickoffs.

Can you use kicking block for kick offs?

yes it is necessary

When did The Block - American Football - happen?

The Block - American Football - happened in 1967.

When was King Block - American football - born?

King Block - American football - was born in 1930.

What is a Forced Touch in college football?

You have 'illegal touching' on a player when a kick is touched by the kicking team. The receiving team, regardless of the outcome of the play, can choose to take the play at that spot. There is also the concept of 'touching' when a receiving player touches the ball on a kick. At that point, the kicking team can recover the kick and maintain possession. A "forced touch" is when that touch occurs because the opposing player 'forces' an opponent to touch the ball. For example, if a receiving player is being blocked by a kicking team player and the kicking team player blocks the receiving team player into the ball, the receiving team player is 'being forced to touch the ball by the block.' In this instance, the kicking team cannot recover the ball and maintain possession, because the touching of the ball by the receiving team was a 'force touch.'

Height of college kick off tee?

Through the high school level, kickers are allowed to use a one or two inch elevated kickoff tee. At the college and professional level, kickers may use a one inch kicking tee. (Similarly, high school kickers may use a one or two inch elevated placement block for extra point and field goal attempts, while at the college and professional levels no block of any kind is permitted.)

Can you leave your feet when making a block in football?


How do you block somebodies chi?

pressure points

How many points do you get if you block a field goal and return it to the other end?

7 points

Are you allowed to block while the football is in the air?

No, you can't.

What is the font for football field numbers?

Roman Block