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Yes. Jt goggles are made for paintball games.

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Q: Can you use a jt goggle system in regular paintball?
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Does regular gun oil work on paintball guns?

No, you should use only paintball specific of air tool lubricant.

Are bungee cord goggle straps better then regular goggle straps?

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Where can you get 69 calibre paintball?

You don't. Even if you barrel says ".691" for example, that just means it over-bored, or larger then the paintball slightly, just use regular paintballs.

Can you use a WG CO2 magnum as a paintball gun?

It depends on the KGS system, and the FPS of it the gun.

Can you use paintball guns in town?

No. There are no urban areas that allow paintball.

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Does a paintball gun use solubility?

No. Nothing dissolves in the process of a paintball gun firing.

What is a paintball gun that uses a Dye air tank?

Any gun with a High Pressure System (which is basically all of them) can use this tank.

Can you use the same co2 tank for paintball and sodamaker?

No, paintball co2 is much higher pressure.

What to buy a ipod touch or a paintball gun?

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Is an invert mini paintball gun or an empire axe paintball gun better?

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What is the best alternative for paintball pellets?

There is none, only use pellets designed specifically for paintball.