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There is no such piece as a double queen.

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Q: Can you use a double queen in chess for one side?
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How do I get my queen back in chess?

Get one of your pawns to the other side of the board

What two pieces stand on iether side of a king at the start of a chess game?

The Queen and one Bishop are at the side of the king in a chess game. For the white king, the queen is at his left. For the black king, the queen is at his right.

In chess one gets return of pawn when it reaches to other side. where to replace that return?

It becomes a queen

Where does the queen have to be placed in chess?

The White Queen is placed upon the D1 white square whereas the Black Queen is placed at the D8 black square . The correct orientation, as per the chess rules, is with a black square on your left side as facing the chess board. One of the more common mistakes in setting up the chess board is reversing the king and queen chess pieces. Remember, as per the chess rules, the queen is always on her own color while the king is always on the opposite color . You can look to the link below for further information regarding the Queen in chess .

What two pieces stands on either sides of a king at the start of chess game?

Queen on one side, bishop on the other.

What two pieces stand on either sides of the King in a chess game?

The King has a Queen to one side and a Bishop to the other.

How many pawns in chess are there?

each side have eight pawn,two bishop,two rook,two knight,one queen,one king

In chess if one of you opponents pons gets to the other side does that player get you queen?

A pawn can be promoted to any piece other than King .

Can you have three Queens in chess?

No, each player can only ever have one Actually Yes, if you get pawns to your opponents side of the board you can change it to a queen.

Can a pawn become a queen in chess?

Yes, IF it promotes(reaches the other side of the board) into one. You can also promote your pawn to a rook, bishop, or knight, but not a king.

Do you get a piece back when you take out a queen in chess?

you get one of your pawns to the other side of the board. then, you can take what ever piece you lost in the beginning. (besides a nother pawn)

What does the chess piece represent on the cover of breaking dawn?

The chess piece on the cover is a queen. The queen represents Bella. As The queen represents Bella there is a white peace behind her, I think its her daughter Renesmee and she is the one who is protecting her with her shield

How many pices are on one side of the chess borad?

There are 16 chess pieces on side of a chess board. Each player receives the same number of pieces and must eliminate the other player's king to win.

In chess can you have more than one queen?

You can have up to 10 queens (9 pawns promoted to queen + 1 original queen). Very rare does this happen.

Chess if a pawn gets to the end of the chess board get you get a new queen if you already have one?

Once a pawn reaches the last rank the pawn can be promoted to any piece except the king . Yes , if you already have a queen the pawn can be promoted to another queen .

Can the queen move anywhere on the board in chess?

It depends on what you're asking, but yes, in general, the queen can move to any block on a chess board, but she is limited in what she can do. The queen can move as many spaces as are open, in any direction, but only one direction at a time.

Can you have more than 1 queen in chess?

Yes , you can have as many queens as long as they are promoted from pawns being advanced to the end of the board otherwise more than one queen is illegal and in contradiction of the chess rules .

How many different places can Queens fit on a chess board?

The queen can be on any of the 64 tiles one a chess board. That is to say that by moving diagonally or laterally there is no place on the board that the queen can't get to given enough moves.

How many kings take part in a chess game?

One king for each side.

Can the queen kill the king in chess?

Yes, any piece on the chess board can either: # Checkmate the king or # Put it in check. However, the queen actually ends up being one of the deciding pieces in the endgame. With it, a player can dominate the board.

Is chess cool?

Chess is SO COOL because you get to battle other people and protect your king and queen. I loved checkers, but when my enemy in checkers discovered chess, i had no one to battle. So i tried chess. And it was like the best game ever invented! So, honestly, I'd say, chess is cool.

What type of rock could make carving chess pieces?

one side in soap stone the opposing side in alabaster

In Chess where does the king and queen go?

A chess board is a square figure; separated into 64 black and white squares, forming a checkered pattern. The dimensions are 8 by 8 tiles. Two of the four corners will be black, and two will be white. There will be two chess players; each on an opposite side of the board. The white corners should always be towards the right of the players. Each player gets 16 pieces, so, there are a total of 32 pieces on a chess board. Each side gets 8 pawns, 2 rooks, 2 knights, 2 bishops a king and a queen. One player will have white pieces, and the other will have black pieces. The player that has the white pieces will move first in the game. A good way to remember the position of the pieces is that the queen always goes on her color, in the center of the first rank on the board; with the king on the center square beside her. That is; the white queen goes on the white square, and the black queen on the black square. There should be a bishop on either side of the king and queen, a knight on either side of the bishops and a rook on either side of the knights with a pawn one square in front of every piece.

Which chess piece can move only one square at a time in any direction?

The King piece. However, there is a move called "Castling" which involves the Rook and the King moving together in one move behind the pawns for better protection. The King can 'castle' King side or Queen side.

Can you reclaim another queen with a pawn in chess if you queeen is still in place.?

If one of your pawns reaches the other end of the board you may trade that pawn for any chess piece you have lost.