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Q: Can you use a controller on NBA 2K10 computer?
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What is the best team to use in NBA 2k10?

The Cleavland Cavilers

Why can't you use NBA the 2K Insider on NBA 2K9?

the 2k insider is for my player mode only and my player mode is only in 2k11 and 2k10

How do you use the special dunks on NBA 2k10?

hold rt and rotate right along stick 360 or 180

Can you use a Xbox 360 controller to your computer with a regular bluetooth receiver?

no the controller does not use bluetooth, there are adapters you can buy to use your controller with your PC

Using a PlayStation 2 controller on a PC?

You can't use a playstation controller on a computer.

Why cant you use ps2 controller to play nba live 08?

Your controller is probably broken, it should work. Make sure it's a PS2 controller with a PS2 console.

How do you make a perfect steal and block on nba 2k10?

I don't know it depends, like what game console are you using? On Ps2 You can use the Right analog button or the square button

What type of games am I able to play with this computer game controller?

You can paly an PC based game that can use a controller.

Fallout 3 game of the year edition can you use a computer controller?


How do you use a xbox 360 controller on a computer?

If you have a corded 360 controller just plug it in! If you have wireless you need to buy an adapter.

Can I use an XBox 360 controller to play games on my PC?

Do not directly plug your controller into the computer. You will need an adapter for connection.

How do you use a xbox 360 controller on windows?

If you are using a wireless controller you cannot use it with your computer. If it is a USB controller, simply plug in the USB head into a USB port on your PC and all drivers will be preinstalled on a Windows machine. Before you use it, please configure the keys that the controller will use.