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no the barrels too big on a Baseball bat

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Q: Can you use a baseball wooden bat in a softball game?
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What kind of sound produced by a bat?

It all depends if its a wooden bat or aluminum bat,, and if its baseball or softball.

Can you use your softball bat in a baseball game?

no you can't

What are the differences between softball bats and baseball bats?

The difference is a baseball bat has a bigger barrel and its weight is different. The softball bat has a smaller barrel and can be lighter than a baseball bat with the same length. Baseball bats are also usually wooden while softball uses aluminum.

Is it safe to hit a baseball with a softball bat?

Softball bats are designed to hit softballs. Hitting a baseball with a softball bat may damage the bat. Either hit a softball or get a baseball bat if you do not want to risk damaging your bat.

Will a softball go farther when hit with a composite bat or wooden bat?


Did the first baseball game use wooden bat?


Is it safe to hit a softball with a baseball bat?

completely! a softball is less hard than a baseball but a baseball bat will not harm the softball in any way

Can you use a wooden bat in softball?

yes but when some people swing the bat to hard it breaks

What is the difference from a baseball bat and a softball bat?

I guess they are more heavier than softball bats

Is there a difference between men's softball bats and women's softball bats?

yes there is a difference because a major league baseball bat is wood and a girls are metal. also i minor leagues girls say softball and boys say baseball. once my friend was using a baseball bat and was hitting better. in softball you can not use a baseball bat! ---- never use a baseball bat in softball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Should an amateur softball player start out with an aluminum or wooden bat?


Can a softball damage a baseball bat?

Yes it can

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