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no i am a kicker in high school and we are only allowed a 1" kicking tee where i play. we could only have 2" in elementary and middle school

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Q: Can you use a 2 inch kicking tee for field goal in high school?
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Who has the record for the longest field goal in high school?

Dirk Borgognone kicked a 68 yard field goal in a game for Reno High School vs. Sparks High School (Nevada), September 27, 1985.

What is the longest ever high school field goal in Pennsylvania?

64 yds

Does a high school kicker use a kicking tee for field goals?

A kicker in high school is allowed the use of the standard 1in. kicking tee. It will help give the kicker the height he needs for the points to be good. But in college and the NFL, tees can't be used, so a high school kicker will have to adapt to the change.

Is Jerry from kicking it in high school?

no middle school

How far should a high school senior be able to kick a field goal?

40+ yards

What was the longest field goal ever kicked in Washington state High School Football?


What is Pennsylvania state record for longest high school field goal?


What was the longest Michigan high school field goal?

According to documented sources, the longest high school football field goal was 68 yards by Dirk Borgognone of Reno, NV in 1985. (There is an undocumented 70-yard kick which would be the longest in any US football venue.) In 1971 John Woodward of Elk Grove H.S. in California kicked a 67 yard field goal vs. Grant H.S. in Sacramento California. In 1999, Rusty Curry of Duluth H.S. in Georgia, kicked a 67 yard field goal vs Norcross H.S. which came off a free kick after a fair catch. In 2012, Austin Rehkow of Central Valley High (Washington) also kicked a 67 yard field goal, sending their game against Sadle Park High into overtime, where Central Valley eventually won.

What is the longest high school field goal in west virginia?

59 yard free kick by Corey Smith:

Can a high school football team attempt a field goal on fourth down if they missed an attempt on 3rd down?

Yes. You can go for a Field Goal on any down and try again. Except For 4th of course.

When was Field High School created?

Field High School was created in 1962.

Where do I look for answers on the conduct of the high school principal?

I'm wanting to know the rules and regulations that the high school principal has on kicking a student out of school.