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i made the same error and not sure how to correct mistake..tried emailing them but no response..Im -40 points and still have wild card available..If i play wildcard will it take away minus points for the gameweek?

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Q: Can you undo transfers in Barclay's premier league fantasy football.i ment to use wildcard but made an error and done 8 transfers?
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Can you make unlimited transfers on fantasy premier league?

No, only if you use the transfer wildcard which can be used twice during the season.

Is there a budget for fantasy football?

£100 million for 15 players on barclays fantasy fotball

What does match fantasy football transfer codes do?

Allow you to make Transfers on Match Fantasy Football

What is the transfers password for match mag fantasy football?

Match Fantasy Footy 2010/11

Can you cheat in barclays premier league fantasy football?

its impossible to cheats in it the have it blocked

What is the code for todays match all star fantasy footy transfers?


How do you make transfers in match fantasy football once you have entered the password?

press the button

Do you have 2 wildcards in fantasy football?

You get 2 wildcardsYou can play your second transfer wildcard between weeks 23 and 27. It's a "January transfer window" edition.

How do you save transfers on motd fantasy football?

after you make the transfer there is a button in red on the top left of the team screen

How do you use a wildcard fantesy football in uefa?

Para usar o wildcard siga o seguinte roteiro: entrar no site da uefa; clicar em fantasy; fazer login; clicar em transferencias; efetuar as transferencias desejadas; clicar em transferencias logo abaixo do quadro "custo"; quando aparecer a tela "confirmar transferencias" clicar em "jogar wildcard. P r o n t o voce conseguiu. Kkkkkkkkkkkk

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