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Q: Can you travel to US with criminal history?
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Is there anyway you can travel to the US with a criminal record?

With a private light aircraft.

If someone has a criminal pardon in Canada can they travel to the US?

No, if you have a criminal pardon, you still need a US Entry waiver before they will let you over the border.

Can you still travel with a criminal record for trespassing?

Yes, a person can still travel in the US even with a criminal record for trespassing. However, some countries may not permit entry with any type of criminal record.

Can you travel within the US with only a green card and no passport?

yes,as long as you have no criminal record.

Can a man charge for a criminal offense but have posted bail travel to the US?

Probably not, especially if you were under active prosecution for a criminal offense in your home country.

Can a person leave the US with a tier 3 criminal sexual conduct felony?

Leave the US under what circumstances? If you are on parol, your ability to travel will be governed by the conditions of your release. If you have been convicted and served your sentence, you have no bar to applying for and receiving a US passport. HOWEVER - your problem may be that the country you wish to visit may not grant you permission to enter their country with that kind of criminal history.

Who was First president in US history to enter office with a criminal record?

George W. Bush.

What is the first step for the presidency?

Be 35 years old, be a US Born citizen, you can't have criminal history.

Can you work as a criminal investigator with a criminal history?

No. Law enforcement will not eploy you if you have a criminal history unless (possibly) if it was a minor offense and you were a juvenile).

Can a US citizen travel to Canada after being convicted of a felony?

Yes as long as you gave no warrants out for your arrest. More information: You can travel within Canada with a criminal record, but people with a criminal record may not be allowed to cross the border to get into Canada from outside.

Does criminal background check include parents history?

No, a criminal background check typically only includes information about an individual's own criminal history. Information about a person's parents' criminal history is not usually included in a standard criminal background check.

What was Sirhan Sirhan's previous criminal history?

He had no criminal record.