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no you cannot

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Q: Can you touch your opponents hand in basketball?
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How do you protect the basketball from the defense?

By shielding from your opponents.

Is it a foul when defensive player touch offensive player's hand after the basketball release from his hand?

yes, unless the shooter has landed on the floor

What is the shot blocking rule in basketball?

You may not touch a person with your hand, push, or forcefully bump or shove.

What makes you a better basketball player?

Practicing and knowing your opponents weaknesses can make you a better basketball player.

What makes a basketball player better?

Practicing and knowing your opponents weaknesses can make you a better basketball player.

What sentence is for conceal about basketball?

When playing basketball, it is important to conceal the ball from your opponents who would try to steal it from you.

Is it a legal move in basketball to grab the ball from an opponents hands?


In basketball are you scoring into the opponents basket or your own basket?

your own basket

How long do you have to enter opponents side in basketball?

In the NBA it's 8 seconds.

When was Touch the Hand created?

Touch the Hand was created in 1975-05.

Are you out if you touch the line in basketball?


What do you do in basketball?

In basketball the objective is to get the basketball into your opponents net. Scoring you 2 points but if you shoot from the 3 pt line it does as it says gives you 3 points but this is only scraping the top of bAsketball.

When can you touch a basketball player that has possession of the basketball?

There really is no rule on this. The only time you can really touch a player is when they are backing you down in the post (in which you can put one hand or arm on them) or when they have their pivot foot on the ground. Other than that, most touching of other players is considered a foul.

What are the participation rates for Touch football?

Basketball is better than touch

How do you touch stuff?

you raise your hand and put your hand on the object that you want to touch

Shooting in basketball?

Shooting in basketball requires your form to be correct, Put the ball in your shooting hand make sure your body is square to the basket, and put your feet shoulder width apart, and also put your elbow in towards your body.Throwing the ball at the opponents net

Who were the opponents in the Vietnam war?

The opponents where Binladen and Micheal Jakson because they liked to put there penis in litle kids but holes and touch them sexualy

What is a dominant hand in basketball?

Your mom is the dominant hand >:)

When are you allowed to touch your opponents piece in chess?

You are allowed to touch one of your opponent's pieces in chess when your piece takes one.

How do you earn points in basketball?

earning points or score in basketball game is to shoot or throw the ball through the top of the opponents basketball hoop while following a set of rules.

Why might a basketball player with a broken hand be yearning for his or her hand to heal quickly?

So they can get back to playing basketball.

What hand is the touch in the Statue of Liberty?

right hand

How long do Olympic wrestlers have to pin there opponents?

it is the referees discression, if at any point both opponents shoulder blades touch the mat., you are pinned. You can pin yourself.

Can you save the basketball from going out of bounds And be the first to touch it?


When was the Rawlings Soft Touch Basketball created?