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Q: Can you touch shaft of a putter when putting?
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Can a person's hands touch the shaft while putting?

yes it can

What is the difference between a center-shafted putter and a heel-shafted putter?

a center shafted putter is when the the end of the shaft connects to the middle part of the top of the head of the putter, a heel shafted is when the end of the shaft id connected to the top part of the heel (closest part of the head to your feet when you set up) of the head

Difference between a unisex putter and male putter?

as long as a putter has the right length of shaft for your body and you like putting with it, there is no difference; and if there is a difference still choose the one you putt best with no matter how it is labeled or what color it is. I don't think there are putters made just for men, a woman could like using any putter a man uses and vice verse.

What putters help you learn?

the KLZ Refiner Golf Putter Trainer Aid has a hinged shaft creating an amazing tool to help you drop storkes on you putting game.

What is the difference between a centered-shafted putter and a heel-shafted putter and which is better or improve putting?

In profile a centre shaft looks like an upsidedown capital T the heel shaft looks like aright way up L . the second part of your question,stay away from it.Golfers have shed blood for many years over it.

Which term is a club mainly designed for putting?


What does the term potty putter mean?

The Potty Putter is a golf putting game designed to use on the toilet so people can practice their putting skills whilst using the toilet. It is meant to improve your putting skills out on the golf course.

What putter does francesco molinari use?

It is a TaylorMade (Rossa) Corza Ghost. The one he uses is a tour issue, which has the center shaft and a single aiming line. The consumer version of this mallet putter has 3 alignment marks and a small bend in the shaft at the end

What is putting?

Putting is a term in golf where the player usually on the green tries to put the ball in the hole, using a putter.

What does the number mean on the shaft of an acushnet bulls eye standard putter?

It could be the serial number.

The club that is used on the green in golf is?

Well that is the putter of course There are all different types, such as belly putters, chest putters and your normal standerized putter. I hope one day my way of putting which is using a driver for putting, will make it big in the game of golf.

How do you putt with a belly putter?

A belly putter is designed to be anchored into your belly button and then you can use any variation of a putting grip you want. The idea is that the putter pivots about your belly button, and you swing it without as much use as the arms as you would find with a normal putter.