Can you throw out a ouiji board?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Q: Can you throw out a ouiji board?
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Is the ouigiia board real?

The ouiji board is real. What kinda question is that?

How do you tell what sex the foal will be?

Amnocentisis or an ouiji board

Is the ouiji board real?

yes, it is very real

Can you have nightmares from a ouiji board?

Yes! Using a Ouiji board opens you to the "other side" and if you do not know how to, or bother to "shield" yourself when you use it, you can and most often do, create a link between your mind/psyche and the "other side".

If a dead celebrity is haunting your house what do you do?

I would run and use ouiji board.

Yes no and goodbye are the only words found on what?

they are found on a ouiji board E Toby

Who created ouiji board?

i dont know really but many people think that the devil created it

When to play ouiji board?

It's not a game it's a tool. Your best bet is when it's dark outside

You think you have a demon inside you Should you use a ouiji board to connect with it?

No that is the worst thing you can do leave it alone never touch it again.

Can spirits be released through a ouija board?

yes, spirits can be released through the ouiji board. If you take your hand off the glass (or whatever you are using) you are inviting the spirit into your home or where ever you are.

Can a ouiji board ruin your life?

if you do not use it carefully, it can get worse. this stuff really works. when you call a spirit which is bad, bad things can happen to you.

If you play the ouiji board do spirit stay in your house?

i guess YES! YES! YES! Get rid of that board now! Ouiji boards are also referred to as Portal boards! This is a very dangerous board, as you never know what sort of thing you are pulling from the other worlds. From anything to a bad spirit to a demonic monster! These entities can posses loved ones, cause pain and mental suffering. Never treat a Ouiji board as harmless fun, ever. These boards are occult boards, heavy dark magic stuff. Most times 85% of the time you get bad spirits they may say they are good, and pull memories out of your head that only maybe a dead loved one could know, but this means nothing! NEVER THROW OUT A OUIJI BOARD OR BURN IT. As there is a possibility it could come back, not to mention just having that board in your house may mean you possibly have millions of spirits roaming your home! Even though you are not using it, the board is still active. Best advice: Wrap the board in thic plastic bags, ( so thick you cannot feel the board, see the board that a knife cannot reach it.) Then bring it someone who WILL KNOW what to do with the board. Then cleanse your house with sage, cleanse yourself and cleanse anyone who has come into your house. If you start to realize there are angry spirits or demonic entities in your house, you should then call for the Archangel Michael ( the protector.) to help bring back these spirits back to the world they belong in. Do not mess around with this stuff if you do not know everything, especially the worse consequences. Hope I helped you with some vital information before it's too late, Nushiee --