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No, a goal cannot be scored directly from a throw in. If the ball was thrown into your own goal, it would be a corner to the opposing team. If the ball was thrown into the opposing teams goal, the restart would be a goal kick.

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Q: Can you throw a soccer ball into your own goal?
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Hitting ball in your own goal in soccer what is it called?

It's as simple as an own goal. :)

What will be the decision of the referee if a player throws the ball into his own goal by throw in?

A goal cannot be scored directly from a throw in. This is the binding rule in this instance. If a player takes a throw in and the ball crosses his own goal line between the uprights and under the crossbar, the ball has crossed the goal line. Because the Laws of the Game state that no goal can be scored from a throw in, the player taking the throw in effectively threw the ball across his own goal line. This will result in a restart with the otherteam taking a corner kick.

What is the worst place for a goalie to kick the ball in soccer?

Into their own goal..

What does og mean in soccer?

In soccer it means own goal. That is when a player from say England nets the ball into his own net by mistake.

What is the main idea about soccer?

To get the ball in the other teams goal net, while defending your own goal net.

Can a soccer goalie while in his goal area use his hands on a throw in from one of his own players?

If a goal keeper touches the ball with their hands, within their own penalty area, directly from a throw-in by a team-mate then play will be stopped and the restart will be an indirect free kick for the opponents at the location of the touch.

What happens in soccer when a player kicks a ball directly into a goal?

You mean his own goal?? -that would be called an 'own goal' If you don't mean that, then it might be called an "open-play" goal.

Different ways to score in soccer?

One.The ball must be in play.The ball must completely exit the field across the opponent's goal line, between the goal posts, and under the crossbar.Exceptions: Indirect free kicks, throw-ins, or any "own team" restarts cannot score a goal.

Can the ball in soccer touch your hands?

You may deliberately handle the ball if you are a goal keeper in their own penalty area or to restart the match if the ball goes out of play.

Can a soccer goalie touch the ball in the offensive zone?

No. The goal keeper may only touch the ball with their hands in their own penalty area.

What is a save in soccer?

A 'save' is when the ball is prevented from going into your own team's net. A goal has been stopped or saved.

Which goal annoys a soccer player the most?

an own goal

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